Plasma Cutter Accessories

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Are you a DIY welder or a professional welder looking for the best plasma cutter accessories to get for your welding machine. Are you planning to get the accessories that will make you run your plasma cutters machine the way it should be run?

Look no further because this article will help review the accessories you will need that will make your job easy at all times. These accessories will aid your cutting job very easily, accurately, and also give you the best quality result at your job site.

There are many plasma cutters sale in the market today that do not come with complete accessories for your usage whereas you will need to get them because you won’t be able to work very well without those missing accessories. So when getting a new plasma cutters machine there are some things you need to check to aid the best quality result you deserve.

You need to go through the article thoroughly because we have brought to your notice all you need to know about the accessories of your plasma cutter and for you to be able to know if there are any missing accessories in your plasma cutter machine. You will gain more knowledge on various kinds of plasma cutter cart accessories, their usage, specifications as well as their specialties. For your safety accessories, we will need to get a welding jacket, plasma shades, gloves, and cart.

These accessories will protect your body, clothes, and eyes from the sparks and burning metal to damage your eyes or body. Some welder’s jackets have a long-lasting treatment that will enable you to resist flames and static electricity while some have a UV and scratch-resistant that will help block out arc rays which can be worn as safety glasses for DIY jobs.

What are Plasma cutter Accessories?

Now let’s go over a few things that you may want to know about plasma cutter sale. These accessories help the plasma cutter users to make an even weld on both thin and thick steel, aluminum, and stainless steel and also make your job easier.

A plasma cutter machine includes a consumable kit that allows you to weld through metal when the nozzles, electrodes, and diffusers wear out; it also includes a plasma cutting table that allows welder evenly on the top of it, this table will not make the thick metals fall off and damage the floor when cutting; it also includes a plasma cutting guide that allows you to easily and precisely weld out perfectly curves and bents. The plasma cutter accessories include;

  • Nozzles
  • Electrode
  • Plasma torch
  • Hoses
  • Head protectors
  • Plasma flow measuring kit
  • Swirl ring
  • Retaining cap
  • Eye protectors

Best Plasma Cutter Nozzles

It is very nice when you have an extra nozzle when you are about to start your new project or when you want to make an even and clean cut. The plasma cutter nozzle is a part of a plasma cutter that fits and works perfectly. The tip of the plasma torch is used to hold the nozzle tightly while the plasma cutter nozzles are used for making a fine feature, and a well-detailed cutting that ensures your welding job is smooth, precise and even.

The nozzle also helps to give your cut an even shape and constrict the flow of gas. The plasma nozzle can easily wear out when used constantly due to the hot plasma flame that flows through it. So, you will have to replace the plasma nozzle frequently. The plasma nozzle cart comes with an arc that makes it last for a very long time if there is no direct contact between the torch and the surface of the metal or steel you are welding.

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The Best Plasma Cutter Electrode

The plasma electrode is made up of copper, tungsten, graphite, molybdenum, silver and the thermal plasma is formed from a continual input of gas that projects outwards as a plasma flame. As we all know the welders deal with flames, so they need an electrode that will help create the spark of flame for easy cut, curve, or bent on both thin and thick steel, stainless steel, aluminum.

To create an electric spark, you must get an electrode. An electrode is used to carry current from the plasma torch to the plate. The electrode is the negative end of the circuit while the metal is the positive end of the circuit. The plasma torch is used to hold the electrodes in the chamber where the gas is being heated to produce an evenly distributed welding.

You also have to replace the electrode frequently just like that of the nozzle. Five parts within most conventional plasma torches are considered to be consumable items that make up a plasma cutter machine. The electrode is part of the consumable item and these consumables have an expected life that is based on the number of piercing or number of hours it is used.

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The Plasma Torch

The plasma torch is also known as a plasma arc, plasma gun, or plasma cutter that is used for generating a directed flow of plasma into the surface. It is part of the unit that regulates the plasma. The plasma torch works by releasing an electric arc through a gas that is passing through the nozzle. The gas that passes through the nozzle can be nitrogen, argon, oxygen, etc.

The metal being cut is part of the circuit, the electrical conductivity of the plasma causes the arc to transfer to the job. The nozzle the gas passes through causes it to squeeze at a high speed. The plasma torch is attached to the plasma cutter end, this torch tends to damage at any time so there will be a requirement for replacement. The plasma torch is a very expensive accessory so you require to handle it with care to prevent getting it damaged in the future.

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The Plasma Hoses

The hose is connected to the plasma torch of a plasma cutter that enables the free flow of gas to be able to form a curve, bend, or evenly cut down the metal you are about to cut through. Virtually all plasma cutters come with a hose but you will want to replace the hose as time goes on.

The hose that came with the plasma cutter you bought might get shortened in the process of your usage and you will demand to get a longer hose for your work. So, buying a separate plasma hose will help hasten your welding job on your work site if the emergency of quick replacement arises.

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The Head Protector

The plasma head protector is one of the important things that make works well for both welding and plasma cutting easy. An auto-darkening head protector is what all welders require to get because it has a variety of shade helps keep and shield other components from getting damaged due to the consumables such as the spark of flame or the gas that flows through the electrode.

There are times you will want to use a plasma cutter machine in an area where your torch is above your face and you will have sparks falling straight to your head, you will want the head protector to prevent your hair from burning. The metal and sparks can easily damage the plasma torch, so you require to protect the plasma torch by using a head protector or shield. The head protector also helps ensure that the heat did not ruin the torch. It is also very important for all inexperienced welders to get this head protector.

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The Plasma Flow Measuring Kit

The plasma flows measuring kit is a valuable troubleshooting kit that allows you to measure the actual plasma gas flow through the plasma torch. If there is an improper flow of gas through the torch it can cause short life of the consumables such as an electrode, nozzle, etc, and also cause poor starting, bad cuts, or overheated torches of the plasma cutter machines. The plasma flows measuring kit helps you to know the correct flow level of gas and gives you the ability to be able to adjust the flow of the gas to your desired and required level.

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The Plasma Swirl Ring

The swirl ring is used to create an accurate gas swirl pattern that is used to control the cut edge in different directions, it also helps increase the nozzle life by slinging cooler, unionized gas particles to protect the nozzle bore and to also control the arc attachment point on the electrode. The swirl ring also serves as a high temperature between the nozzle and the electrode.

If the swirl ring is not used the gas mixing will not be enough and this can lead to a high risk of burning the nozzle. So the main purpose of the swirl ring is to control the action of the plasma gas flow around the electrode. It is also used to constrict the cutting arc for faster-cut speed and thicker capability. It is very important to change the swirl ring when you notice a blackened, burned, or cracked area which can affect the rate at which the gas flows or when the torch misfires often.

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The Plasma Retaining Cap

A retaining cap for the plasma cutter machine helps to keep the swirl ring and nozzle in a proper position. It helps to control the flow of gas to the outside of the nozzle. It helps to cover and hold the consumables stack up together.

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The Plasma Eye Protectors

One of the most important reasons for getting an eye-protective shade when plasma cutting is to shield your eyes from the radiation and UV rays. Plasma cutting involves the use of electricity, ultraviolet light, and gas which is very hazardous to the eyes and the entire body. It is very essential to take precautionary measures when performing plasma cutting. You need to shield your eyes and face with proper plasma cutting glasses, goggles, and helmet.

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Tips To Remember When Replacing Your Plasma Cutter Accessories

  • Ensure you replace the consumable compatible using the guidelines when it wears out.
  • Ensure you do not replace a low amp consumable with a high amp cutting and vice versa.
  • When unshielded consumables are used, always keep the torch at the proper distance from your working space when working with it.
  • Do not be too fast or too slow when cutting your metal. Ensure you follow the right cutting speed so that the consumables will not burn out quickly.


We have helped you to review the various kinds of consumables and accessories of a plasma cutter in this article. So you are already acquainted with the accessories and whether or when they require to be changed. To be the best Do-It-Yourself or professional welder, your success will depend on the consumables and the accessories you use and how well you keep your accessories safe at all times. The accessories you use play a very important role in getting a successful cut.

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