5 Common Welding Mistakes

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Have you wondered about the most common mistakes made by welders? In this post, five of the most common errors are brought to light. Ensure that you are not making them.

5 Mistakes Most Welders Make

Not Kitting Up

As funny as it seems, this is one of the most common mistakes welders make. The importance of protecting your body cannot be stressed well enough. There are welding apparels for every part of your body that needs protection. Ensure that you use one of the best welding gloves, the best welding shirts, and even great welding respirators. It is not smart to ignore the protection your body needs.

Slag Inclusion

Welders who practice flux-core arc welding [FCAW] welding are prone to slag. Slag occurs when the welding passes are not cleaned. To ensure that you prevent slag, clean the welding passes. Also, make sure to use the right angle and the right speed. Also, make sure you are using the right voltage. Lastly, realize that low heat input can also cause slag.

Weld Porosity

Weld porosity refers to holes in a weld bead. This is caused when the metal has too much gas trapped inside. This can occur when there is no airflow. It can also occur as a result of your cylinder being out of gas. Another likely cause is that there is liquid around the weld. To ensure that this is not the case, check all the likely causes. In addition, clean the base metals.

Broken Welds

Broken welds can occur for a number of reasons. If you do not know what metal you are welding and how to weld it, you could have broken welds. If you do not understand the process expected of you, you could use too much or too little heat thereby ruining the metal. Ensure that you understand your metal to prevent over-grinding and improper penetration.

Substandard Machines

Using substandard machines can also break your welds. They can even cause your metals not to weld. Perform a little research on your needed machines before picking one. Check out best cheap plasma cutters to get started.


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