Best Plasma Cutter With Built in Compressor Review

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Every welder wishes welding could be as easy as people think it is. From cutting, casting, bending, hitting, to finishing like filing, a welder is easily known for his tough and rough skin resulting from all of these excessive stress.

A popular international welder once said that cutting is never easy, cutting according to him is engineering most strenuous practice, nevertheless with miller plasma cutter with built-in compressor, sweating and puffing on your cutting table is over.

Even though a lot of plasma cutters have found their way into the market and new ones are flowing in day in day out, some welders are still missing out on every benefit these seamless cutters come with.

Best Plasma Cutter With Built in Compressor Quick Answer

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Now the question “what is a plasma cutter” arise.  A plasma cutter is any machine designed to make it easier for welders to get every plate of metals into their desired shapes and sizes. Using hot fluid like gas, these machines are capable of cutting through ½-inch thick aluminum, copper, and steel without stress.

Why then keep going through all the stress when there is lots of powerful plasma cutter for sale to make give a hundred percent perfection to your cut? Plasma cutters out there include; Hobart plasma cutter, Lincoln, and lotus to mention a few.

To draw every benefit of these machines to you, see below things to look out for when buying a plasma cutter.

Must have Plasma Cutter Tip Guide

Now that you know how essential cutters are, after reading so many positive reviews and testimonies from friends, it is time to have your own purchase, but what are those things to be considered when buying one? See here:

  • Nature of material: before investing on any plasma cutter, ask yourself; what material will I be cutting with it most? Not every cutter can work on copper; some are specifically built for fine steel, while others are for alloy.
  • Thickness of material: do you cut ½-inch thick materials than you do ¾-inch thick? The effect of choosing the wrong cutter goes beyond the machine failure, some materials may be too thick to cut ½-inch material, and this can slow down cut as much as it can reduce cutting efficiency.
  • Power usage: if a seller won’t allow you to check a machine’s power usage, never buy it. You may be buying something unusable, as the inadequate power supply can render some plasma cutter useless.
  • Purpose: will you be traveling with it? Is it just for your home? It is advisable to go for a portable one if you are an international welder who will be taking it from place to place for easy mobilization. Whereas if you want something just for your home to do those little cutting, a big one may be the right choice. Large construction industries dealing with engineering should also go for a massive miller plasma cutter.
  • Cutting efficiency: in whatever way you are going to cut, it should be done without the need for a secondary cut, a good plasma cutter should spot a good speed and cut accuracy.

With a full insight into how to choose a good plasma cutter, you won’t want to go shopping or placing an order on any cutter.

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These cutting systems come in types, there are those without an air compressor, being an opposite to plasma cutter with built-in compressor. See this handy list to take along as you browse through different types of plasma cutter in the shop.

Top 5 Plasma Cutter With Built in Compressor

  1. Miller Spectrum 375 Plasma Cutter with Air Compressor

Miller never disappoints, take that from anybody who has had any of their products used. As an all-time best manufacturing company, miller have continue to push the industry forward with its latest products, one of which is the double combo miller spectrum 375 that cuts ½-inch steel like a knife does to bread and butter.

Weighing exactly 33.6 pounds, the 13.2×5.5×9 sized monster from the X-TREME series demands 208/240V to use its 3/8” at 18 IPM for a perfect cut without roughs or a need for secondary cutting.

With a rated output of 30A, this powerful system spotting heavy-duty work clamps, MVP plugs, firm shoulder straps, XT30 torch, and extra consumables will keep your eyes off any other cutter.

Those who buy it lay much emphasis on its cutting capacity and the fact that it is one of the best cheap plasma cutter.



  1. Miller spectrum 875 Plasma Cutter with  Compressor

Cutting gets really exciting when you can cut 10inch every single minute, but what if cutting 15inch/minute accurately is possible?

The miller spectrum 875 plasma cutter, is another portable cutter with ultra quick connect that ease the connection between the cable and torch. From 7/8 mild steel to solid iron, its cutting capacity will turn your cutting nightmares to happiness.

When plasma cutters first hit the market, there’s was this frustration arising from having to get them to work only by spending extra bucks on compressors. Miller spectrum 875 works great without the need of a bulky compressor which waste time to operate, owing to the automatic inbuilt compressor that doesn’t in any way add weight to it.



  1. Miller Spectrum 625 X-TREME Plasma Cutter with Built in Compressor

What else do you need to cut 5/8inch perfectly? This circuitry is the best thing that have ever happened to the welding industry.

Connecting automatically to 120-240 VAC, the state-of-the-art flexibility uses 60 Hz single interphase without any other requirement except that you need to get the right plug for the receptacles in order to get into power.

Good news is you don’t have to waste your money on extra tool kits, as this state-of-the-art flexibility spots an extra kits containing gloves, eye protector etc.



  1. Miller Spectrum Auto-line Plasma Cutter

This torch was designed to make cutting a breeze for you. With the inbuilt compressor, this automatically operated spectrum will go through every thickness ranging from ½-inch to the most dense steel. With an input of 200v to 575volt, you will be making a day job done within a few minutes.


  1. Miller spectrum Long Body XT40 Plasma Cutter with Compressor

This is the ultimate choice of international welders who need to travel with a miller spectrum. The X-CASE provides protection when transporting it and it comes with drag shield, automatic air regulation. The automatic air regulator seamlessly prevents pressure to stop mistake while cutting.

Lincoln is here again with better plasma cutters. Lincoln, taking its place among the top leading companies, is known for continuously pushing the industry forward with life benefiting technical inventions.

After the market received Lincoln first plasma cutter featuring a seamless input power and spineless cutting speed, more plasma cutters from them are currently making the market buzz.

Here I will be taking you around Lincoln plasma cutter with built-in compressor.

What is Lincoln Plasma Cutter with Built-in Compressor?

Never take a drug you don’t know. It is okay wanting to go for a plasma cutter after finding out the miracles they perform on super thick steels, but since there’s more than enough cutters out there, you may need a guide on choosing what plasma cutter suit your need.

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First, you need to understand there are two basic types of cutter namely; plasma cutter with built-in compressor and those that work with an external compressor.

After thorough researches and questioners from welders, my team and I found out plasma cutters with built-in compressor worth your money than their opposition, so allow me to give you an insight into Lincoln plasma cutter with built-in compressor.

What is a plasma cutter with built in compressor? This is a plasma cutter that is completely independent of external air compressors to carry out an operation, it comes with so many advantages over the normal one.

Benefits Of Lincoln Plasma Cutters with Built-In Compressor

  • Plasma cutters with built-in compressors are more convenient to use
  • It gets the job done easily
  • They are more portable and mobility is very easy
  • Though they have an internal compressor, there is also a space to connect an external compressor
  • The risk of pressure malfunction is low
  • All you need is just to make sure you have a suitable power source
  • Almost all cutters with built-in compressors can operate on a good wall plug.

Why do I need Lincoln plasma cutter with a built-in compressor?

There will always be a need to work with a plasma cutter at home, in this case, the built in compressor plasma cutter is advisable because with a wall plug socket it could be used. This makes the job less stressful and less volt of power is being consumed.

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Lincoln Plasma Cutter With built-in Compressors Buying Guide

Lincoln plasma cutter with a built-in air compressor is more expensive than the normal one because we have both the cutter and air compressor together unlike the normal one that you need to buy both separately.

The choice of the one to use strongly depends on the buyer’s purse and the nature of the work he wants to use it for. Most built-in compressor cutter can only operate on 120v and cut up to 12.7mm in severance.

Those that operate on 240v are also available but are much more expensive.

Will It Work The same way as the Normal One with an external Air compressor?

If you are asking yourself this question right now, the answer is yes but with a little difference. The major difference between this two is the time it takes to make a single cut on any material.

What I am trying to say is that when using a built-in compressor plasma cutter the amount of air delivered will be a little bit less than the normal ones with an external compressor thus, reducing the cutting duration.

Should The Differences in The Cutting Duration be a Problem?

The answer to this question is no because the amount of time a machine will cut depends on the quality and brand of the machine.

What I mean is we can have a cutter with an internal air compressor of brand A with a very good quality that have the same cutting duration with that of an external air compressor of brand B with a lower quality.

Also, have it in mind that there are also some machines that can cut with a very good pressure for a very long period of time. This type of machine is the most expensive one.

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Why should I choose a Lincoln product?

Lincoln is a well-supported brand that manufactures machines with a very good quality, this machines also come with good warranties.

Lincoln product could be delivered anywhere all over the world and the machine parts are available in the market in case of any breakdown or future machine faults. It comes at an affordable price too.


  1. Lincoln Tomahawk 375 plasma cutter-K2806


  • It is portable, comes with an Internal air compressor, enables operations in environments where the external compressed air is not available
  • Output: this depends on the thickness of the material
  • Input power: 208/230/1/60
  • Processes: plasma cutting for mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper


  1. Lincoln Tomahawk 625 plasma cutter K2807-1


  • Continuous output control; this varies on different material thickness
  • Touch start system
  • Reliable plasma arc initiation without high frequency
  • Input power: 208/230/1/50/60
  • Processes: Plasma cutting for mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper



  1. Lincoln Tomahawk 1000 plasma cutter K2808-1


  • Power connect technology; this product adjusts to the input power itself
  • Output: depends on the thickness of the material
  • Input power: 208-575/1/3/50/60
  • Processes: Plasma cutting for mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, copper. 


  1. Lincoln Tomahawk 1500 plasma cutter-K2809-1



  • This can cut a very good artwork, it uses to frame a steel part in a production setting
  • Output: This depends on how focused the arc is on different materials
  • Input: 200-208/230/380/460/575/1
  • Processes: plasma cutting, gouging



  1. Lincoln spirit II 150A plasma cutting system, Automatic BK1111-000000-000009


  • This is a high-quality plasma cutter that gives the best cut in the industry
  • With the touch and consumable design, the flow of the gas is precise and this produces a consistent shape in the plasma arc.
  • Input power: 208V-600v
  • Processes: plasma cutting, marking.
  1. Lincoln spirit II 275A Plasma Cutting System, Automatic BK1111-000020-000029


  • This also delivers a very good cut, one of the best in the industry.
  • With the touch and consumable design, the flow of the gas is precise and this produces a consistent shape in the plasma arc.
  • Input power: 208V-600V
  • Processes: plasma cutting, marking

Lincoln spirit II 400A Plasma Cutting System, Automatic BK1111-000043


  • This is also one of the best industry
  • With the touch and consumable design, the flow of the gas is precise and this produces a consistent shape in the plasma arc.
  • Input power:380V-600V
  • Processes: Plasma cutting, Marking

In conclusion, the joy of every buyer is too purchase a product that will satisfy his need and produce a very good result at any time.

For a plasma cutter the purpose of buying it is to use it to deliver a very good  cut on any form of metal (mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper etc) and when the plasma cutter comes with an internal air compressor it shouldn’t be a problem as the same result would be delivered.

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Lincoln plasma cutter with a built-in compressor is the right choice for anybody in need of a plasma cutter.

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