5 Things to Do Every Single Time Before You Start Welding

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Before you start welding, there are some things you should do. These are important not just for your safety, but for the safety of others and the success of your work.

5 Things to Do Every Single Time Before You Start Welding

Evaluate Your Equipment

Check your equipment before you start. This check should be carried out on both the machines and the protective gear. Some equipment can be fatal if used when they are damaged. Due to this, it is important that you check and evaluate them before use.

Check Your Work Area

Carry out another evaluation on your work area. If you are using a welding helmet, there will be times your view will be dimmed. To avoid any accidents clear out your space.

Protect Yourself

You as the welder need to protect yourself. Do not ever weld without wearing all the necessary protective gear. This includes welding shirts, gloves, and respirators. Do not just use any gear, however. Ensure that the materials you buy are of top quality. There are top quality gears that are also very affordable. Check out some of the best welding shirts, and our top picks for best welding gloves. Ensure you have a very good welding respirator as well. And lastly, purchase a top-quality welding helmet.

Consider The Metal You Will Be Welding

Know your metal beforehand. Consider any coating that may be flammable or produce toxic gasses. Consider any previous exposure and other important things before you begin.

Mentally Run Through Your Processes

Before you start, mentally run through every process you will partake it. Mentally preparing from beginning to end will make your work more efficient and fast.

Have Emergency Precautions In Place

Accidents can happen to the best of us. It is smart to put emergency precautions in place just in case. Always have a fire extinguisher at hand as well as a phone to make emergency calls.

Protect Others

Let other people know what sort of work you will be doing so that they can stay away from your welding area. If you are going to be welding where others can be, use an arch shield to protect their eyes.

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