5 Welding Safety Tips & Precautions For Welders

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Welding is probably one of the most dangerous jobs. Every aspect of the job is full of dangerous errors just waiting to be made. According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 500,000 workers are injured every year from welding incidents. To ensure that you do not part of the 500,000 underwater welders who get injured yearly, there are some steps you can take.

5 Ways to Ensure Safety As A Welder

Protect Your Self- There are a lot of welding instruments designed simply for the safety of welders. These instruments include welding gloves, welding shirts, welding helmets, and welding respirators. Welding shirts protect welders from their necks down to a little past their waists as well as their arms. They are immensely important. Welding helmets protect the head and the eyes and welding respirators protect the nose from inhaling what it should not. If you do not have these, you are endangering yourself. Remember not to buy just any brad of these implements. They must be of high quality.

Check Your Instruments Before You Use Them- Even the best of instruments can have faults at any time. Get into the habits of checking each of your instruments including your welding machines and apparel before you being to weld. A single check can stop your instruments from packing up during use.

Use The Right Instruments For The Right Jobs- Another common mistake welders make is substituting instruments for another use when they do not have the instruments. This can be very dangerous.

Ensure that your outlet has the required volts for your machine- If your machine is a 110/120 volts machine, you should ensure that your outlet is one that can work with the machine without problems, most residential outlets fall within the 110-220 volts range.

Clean Your Instruments Rightly-  Each instrument has the right way to be cleaned. Welding gloves and shirts, for instance, do not need much water. Ensure that you know how your instrument needs to be cleaned. Our reviews of the best welding shirts available not only list out the most affordable and highly rated instruments but also give clear instructions on how to use, watch, and store it.

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