Amico Stick Welder Review

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We will be taking a critical look at the Amico Power Stick Arc Welder. This welding machine is used by a large number of welders. However, before purchasing it, you need to know about its features one of which is the inverter stick, its welding power, its inverter dc, and every other thing that matters in welding machines.

In case you did not know, the word “Amico” means “friend” in Italian. If you are a welder by trade or you are an amateur welding enthusiast, Amico stick arc is one tool to have. This is a world-class leader in the industrial market, and in this article, we will be talking about this machine since it is one of the premier arc welder models to ever be used.

The Amico Brand produces machines which perform TIG, MIG, STICK, voltage protection, etc welding processes. Their TIG and MIG machines offer great quality.


What is Stick Welding?

Stick welding sometimes can be referred to as Shielded Metal Arc Welding (or SMAW for short), and this is the use of an electrode or a similar electric source by a welder to join two or more metal parts together. Amico Power 160 Amp DC Stick Arc dc welder performs the stick welding process.

The electrode’s core is made up of a metal rod that is surrounded by metal compound-based covering, various metals powders, and a special binding agent that helps adhere them straight to the electrode’s surface.

The main purpose of stick welding is not only to join numerous metal pieces together, but it is also doing so in the easiest and safest way possible. This process can be dangerous, but even the newest persons into the field will easily get the hang of the process in mere months of practice.

Amico Stick Welder Review & Specifications

Weight Reviews

Lightweight arc welders are usually in short supply, so, you should make sure you do not ponder too much whether the Amico will do the job, and we can tell you definitively, that it will do the job. This tool weighs just 18 pounds, and it is one of the lightest inverter welders have ever built. With such a weight, it is easily moved.

If what you are looking for is a portable welder, then this is the one for you. It is small and convenient. The Amico 160 amp Dc stick welders can be transported from one place to the other with ease without stressing you out.

Invert Design Reviews

The inverter design is one of the many reasons why people fall in love with the welding machine. this design brings lots of benefits to the table, and among these benefits are the size, its efficiency, stability, and its cost.

Inverter welders, naturally, are significantly smaller than the regular arc welders. To top it all, they can weld twice as much in the same amount of time, and they are higher in terms of stability. Even though they cost more from the start, inverter welders use fewer consumables and they are more cost-effective by a very long shot. Do note this for a next time.



Duty Cycle Reviews

A duty cycle is an arc welder’s cooldown period that is measured in percentage. Let us take for example a welding machine that has a duty cycle of 40% would need to cool off for 6 minutes after 4 minutes of continuous work. And that is why Amico’s 160 is so great, seeing as its duty cycle is estimated at 60% at full 160 amps.

You should know that the duty cycle limit applies only if you are making use of your welder at full power, the cooldown period will be shorter if you do not use the whole 160 amps. The duty cycle will incrementally rise as you reduce the amperage.

Price Point reviews

It is utterly puzzling just how such a great arc welding machine can be as cheap as the Amico stick welder is. It belongs to the medium bracket of the affordable price point category, and it just might be the single most valuable arc welder for light duty work.

LED Display Reviews

Amico’s 160 amp DC stick comes equipped with a neat LED display, which is great, but how is it even useful? Well, for starters, the LED display is more visible, and because of this, it is easier to use than the standard digital controls. Also, seeing a light flashing in the faulty section will tell you where the problem has struck.

Having to play the guessing game can be something stressful, and it can make you hastily jump to conclusions and potentially damage a part that was already working great. That is just one of the reasons why an LED display is more convenient that the latter.



Amico Reviews- It has All the Required Accessories

Bonus features and goodies are always a welcome thing, especially because they are totally free. Professional brands know just what every welder is looking for, so these complementary features aim to help you make use of your arc welding machine’s potential to the maximum.

Now, Amico’s 160 welder comes with an electrode holder that is equipped with a 10-foot cable, a work clam that is equipped with a 10-foot cable, an inverter welder, stick welders, an inverter dc, a power adapter cable and a plug for the adapter.


The professional users and intermediate-level welders usually skip cheap stick welders, but those who do not mind paying a lot of money for quality will say that Amico’s 160 Dc welder is one of the finest in the price range.

Because of its exquisite inverter design, this welding machine gives a long shadow above its competitors, its performance is quite unmatched, and it can easily go head-to-head with its more expensive counterparts. The inverter design is one of the reasons reviews praise this product. Not many 60 duty cycle machine shave the inverter design.

Dual Voltage Reviews

The Amico Power 160 Amp DC Stick welding machine is a dual voltage machine. A dual voltage machine is a machine that runs on two voltages. This welding machine is a dual voltage machine of 115V/230V. Dual voltage machines are highly sourced for as they give a lot of flexibility. This is another advantage of this product.

Amico Reviews-Ready to Weld Out of the Box

People are not usually very willing to wait when something needs to be welded down; going shopping for clamps, electrode holders, and cables can be quite a bothersome and trivial task, and this is why the Amico’s complementary features are very useful.

You will be able to start using it as soon you have it delivered. The dual voltage Amico Power 160 Amp DC Stick welders come with: a premium-quality machine, an electrode holder, clamps, and all the corresponding cables.

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DC Compatible Only

The fact that Amico’s 160 has the power to only power via DC is not so much of a big deal. Only a few people rely on AC when they are welding, and only then this could be perceived as a weakness.

Regardless, the Amico stick welding machine works like a monster on DC, so, if you do not plan on welding in places where DC is not present, this welding machine is totally faultless.

Other Specifications of The Amico 160 Amp DC Stick Welder Reviews

  • Rated Input Power: 2.3KVA & 6.9KVA Max
  • Rated Input Current: 20A at 115V & 30A at 230V
  • Rated Output: 25.2V at 115V & 26.4V at 230V
  • Output Current: 20-160A Max
  • Rated Duty Cycle: 60% at 115V/130A & 60% at 230V/160A
  • 500A Work Clamp
  •  10 ft. Power cable

Final Thoughts?

Many welders would recommend the Amico 160 because it is good, they would recommend this product because it is the best budget welder you will find. There is not another model in its price range that could even think of getting close to it, let alone match its performance and value. Regardless of what your proficiency is in the use of welding machines, choosing Amico 160 is never a bad choice.

It could be great until you learn the ropes, and this is for those who are still new to the welding world, or it could be a reliable backup if you are a professional welder.

The price range of the Amico Power 160 Amp DC Stick Arc current inverter welder is another reason welders choose it. The welders under the Amico brand and model usually cost little money and this welder is no different. For an affordable amount of money, the Amico Power source 160 Amp DC Stick Welder can be yours.
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