Are FR Shirts Good For Welding?

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Flame resistant (FR) shirts are very good for welding work. It keeps one comfortable and protects you from heat and sparks. Flame shirts are made from cotton and durable fire resistant which has compliant with Teca safe, NFPA 70e, and NFPA 2112 styles that will provide you a good job. Flame resistant shirt is made from a khaki dress from the Rasco brand. This shirt has a deep pocket that has a snap-on lid for extra safety.

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Flame resistant (FR) has an ATPV rating of 14 cal/cm2, it is a solid shirt that weighs up to 10oz that provides maximum protection compare to other welding shirts. It is lightweight for normal skin protection. The main reason why we wear flame-resistant (FR) shirt is for safety.

If you are working in a hazardous environment such as electric arc, flash fire, and combustible dust explosion hazards, flame resistance can be recommended. A normal cloth can be flammable and this may cause skin burn. Clothing that is not flame resistance will not resist combustion, it will catch fire and continue to burn when it comes in contact with fire until fire extinguisher is been used.

Flame resistant (FR) clothing has a fire self-extinguishing feature that gives all welder a good flash fire escape when being worn. It is made from the component that does not melt onto the skin and they do not contribute to the skin burn injury. Flame resistant clothing comes with thermal insulation that protects the skin from breaking open when exposed to fire or hazards.

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Flame resistant clothing provides a split second of protection in a flash fire and doesn’t stick to your body. Wear the flame resistant clothing under your normal long sleeve shirt. Always was your FR clothing with a mild detergent that is free from hydrogen peroxide, animal fats, and bleach. Make sure you wash in lukewarm water (120 degrees Fahrenheit).

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