Can Esab Rebel Tig Weld Aluminum?

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ESAB has remained one of the best world-leading suppliers of welders and equipment used for welding. They produce machines that are very flexible and can perform aluminum welding as well as mild steel welding. 

Esab welder can either be ESAB MIG welders or Esab TIG welder. The best welder for a purpose can be gotten from Esab welders as they provide lightweight stick/tig welding packages with weight as small as 18 pounds. This shows how portable thy are.

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Can Esab Rebel Tig Weld Aluminum?

Esab with product Rebel EMP 205ic with AC/DC enables welders the ability to use TIG weld with AC and DC outputs, also perform MIG weld with solid base materials(steel, stainless and aluminum), or flux cored weld with a gas shield and self-shielded wires.

Aluminum has placed Tig welding on a high scale as Tig is the major welding process chosen by many professionals welders, especially racing teams welders.

Aluminum has proven as a very good conductor of heat and requires a huge amount of heat during welding because it dissipates heat a lot during heating. Some aluminum alloy are crack sensitive and exhibit a “hot short” tendencies, which means that the temperature range where the liquid alloy is part solid and part liquid, it shows it has quite enough tensile strength to resist shrinkage stress as a result of cooling and transformation. 

Aluminum oxide is heavier than aluminum and when it melted, it tends to be confined in molten aluminum. This is a reason why aluminum oxide skin should be removed before welding.

Amazingly, Esab Rebel Tig aluminum offers reverse polarity half of the AC Arc which does an excellent job of cleaning off oxide quantities ahead of the weld.

Tig welding is undoubtedly healthy, very clean but produces few sparks and air contaminants, but it is not dangerous environmentally.

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Pros and Cons of Esab Metal-cored wires 

In the recent world, welders have a wide range of choices to determine the best welding process and so many consumables to use in a particular situation. So many skills are necessary for this process, which include Welder skill, availability of consumables. Metal cored wires are usually classified under American Welding Society specification with solid MIG wires. Metal cored wires always allow the same basic classification for Strength level and chemical composition which is as solid as MIG wire but a composite wire is denoted by C.


  • It has very high deposition efficiency
  • It travels at a very high speed and performs high duty circles.
  • Low volume slacks and spatter levels


  • Requires an automated or perhaps a robotic setup, which works all-time with full consistency and no break.
  • High technical know-how and high cost is recommended for metal core wire

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