Care and Maintenance of Welding Respirators

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A welding respirator is a protective piece of equipment worn by welders to protect their noses from inhaling poisonous gasses and fumes. Welding respirators come in different types and focus on different ways of protecting the lungs from inhaling dangerous fumes and gasses. Some cover the whole face, some cover just the nose and the mouth, while some actually use filters to purify the air. Some even supply air from a tank. Welding respirators are very important and should be worn by all welders.

If you have bought one of the best welding respirators available, you should realize that if it is not properly maintained it is not going to last long enough to be used. It can even fall apart during use which can be very dangerous.

To ensure that your welding respirator lasts long enough, ensure that you follow these helpful tips.

How To Care For Your Welding Respirator

  1. Read the manual before use
  2. Inspect your welding respirator before every use so that you can catch any damages
  3. Clean after every use
  4. Replace cracked, cut, missing, or broken parts immediately
  5. Check for missing mounting clips or straps
  6. Avoid using solvents or chemicals to clean
  7. Use only mild soap and under no circumstance should you soak your respirator
  8. Dry on a clean surface with adequate exposure to sunlight
  9. Its facepiece rubber [if it has one] must not be left bent while drying; straighten it up
  10. Store in a cool dry place that is totally safe from dust
  11. Realize that your respirator should not come in contact with too much moisture, sun, dust, or chemicals
  12. Repairs should only be carried out by trained individuals
  13. Record all inspections and repairs diligently

If you follow all of the given tips, you can be assured that your respirator will serve you well. Whenever your welding respirator is damaged, ensure that you replace it. Do not manage. Lastly, ensure that you use only one of the best welding respirators available.

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