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Eastwood Elite multi-process welders are essentially MIG welders that can do stick and TIG. These machines get many good reviews, because they work. The Elite MP140i isn’t an exception. 

One of the reasons you probably are sceptical about the quality of this machine is the lack of reviews. And that could be a bad thing. When you can’t find substantial information and testimonies about a product, it’s kind of risky to invest your money in it. That’s why we’re doing this review — basically to provide comprehensive information about this unit. In a nutshell, Eastwood Elite is a trusted company that makes automotive parts, tools, and welders. It’s not going to be notorious for building substandard welders. 

Eastwood 140mp Review


Good Amperage Range 

One of the most important things to check out when buying a multi-process welder is its amperage range. The Elite MP140i has an amperage range of 30 – 140 amps. That seems underwhelming, but you can weld up to 3/16-inch-thick steel and stainless steel. This amperage range is great for welding sheet metals.

If you’re doing just light fabrication work, this machine will exceed your expectations. Attach a TIG torch, and this machine allows you to weld 1/8-inch steel or stainless steel. You can also weld 1/8-inch-thick aluminum if you connect a spool gun.

The stick welding capability of this machine is great. Hook up your electrode holder, and you can stick weld up to 1/4-inch of material. Isn’t this machine great for repairing equipment? It certainly is.

IGBT Inverter Technology 

The Elite MP140i is bestowed with the latest IGBT inverter technology. This technology enables the machine to produce a stable arc. It also allows the machine to weld metals of almost any thickness, although the 140-amp limit of the Elite MP140i somehow caps cut thickness up to 3/16 inch. Nonetheless, you can do many things already, like repair your car or garden equipment. 

The same output capacity would mean a much heavier transformer-based welder. The inverter technology allows welding machines to pack power without being too heavy and bulky. This is why the Elite MP140i is only 34 pounds. Weight and size (without sacrificing power) are the significant advantages of an inverter welder over the older transformer-based welding machines. 

The IGBT technology is known for voltage regulation, and it’s one feature many professionals look for in welding machines. This is different from the older MOSFET transistors. The Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors are less susceptible to power fluctuations. IGBT inverter welders produce more stable arcs and are less likely to fail due to voltage surges.

The inverter technology makes the Eastwood Elite MP140i more efficient than older welders. That means it’s able to produce more output power for the same input power. Non-inverter type welders would lose about half of the power they consume through heat. Efficiency lends itself to compatibility with generators, and the MP140i works with generators just fine. With traditional welders, that’s not really the case. 

Duty Cycle 

The duty cycle of a welder tells you how long you can operate the machine for a given time. The Elite MP140i has a duty cycle of 30% at 90 amps. That means the machine can run continuously for 3 minutes per 10 minutes. The machine will have to cool down for the next 7 minutes before you can use it again. This isn’t a low duty cycle by any means, but there’s nothing spectacular about this duty cycle either. Many welders are capable of the same performance, and some can do more. 


A welding machine is only as good as it is usable. The features and tech capabilities may look good on paper, but the real test of a welder’s reliability is usability, which largely depends on a number of things. 

Right off the bat, you’ll notice this isn’t a dual voltage machine. It only works on 120 volts. That may seem a downside, especially considering professionals would prefer 220-240 volts for single-voltage welders. At 110-120 volts, welding machines just don’t perform as well. Then again, at least, this one will work if you’re anywhere in North America. 

Of course, we can’t discuss welding machines without looking at their accessories, especially the torches. Since this is a multi-process machine, it makes sense to have the MIG and TIG torches and the stick welding cable. This product comes with a Trafimet torch attached to a 10-foot MIG cable. 

Trafimet is a popular company that makes torches for welding machines and plasma cutters. If that’s not enough, the Tweco style consumables should provide additional assurance. The TIG torch is also 10 feet long, while the electrode cable for stick welding is 12.5 feet long. These cables are long enough to allow you to weld without having to carry the machine near you. You can move around. You can do different welding positions with little difficulty. 

Can you use this for outdoor or on-site welding? Some welders aren’t portable, so they’re not in the trunk of your car if you’re doing on-site projects. The Elite MP140i is not one of them. It’s not only portable but also compatible with generators. So if you’re doing projects or repairs on a remote location, you can rely on this machine. 


It’s typical for welding machines to come with accessories and some consumables when you purchase them. The Eastwood Elite MP140i comes with replacement nozzles, a gas diffuser, and contact tips. The consumables are designed for the Trafimet Ergoplus torch. 

Eastwood MP140i MP200i Spool Gun 

This machine can’t TIG weld aluminum. Your option is to use a spool gun and MIG weld aluminum. Luckily, the package includes the Eastwood MP140i MP200i Spool Gun. So welding aluminum shouldn’t be an issue at all. You only have to attach the spool gun and start welding up to 1/4-inch of aluminum. This gun comes with a 3-year warranty and lifetime technical support if you buy the unit from Eastwood. 

Amazing Warranty

One thing that gives buyers assurance is the 3-year warranty. A company that gives a warranty period that long vouches on the reliability of their products. Eastwood Elite welders also come with a 90-day risk free trial, which you can’t find on any other welding machines. Hence, it’s like saying your investment is safe with Eastwood. 

Final Thoughts

The Eastwood Elite MP140i multi process welder is a professional-grade multi-process welder. It meets industry standards and holds its own against other models in terms of build quality and performance. One thing you may miss out on is the ability to TIG weld aluminum because of the lack of an AC circuit for TIG. Again, this isn’t much of an issue, considering you can do MIG and use the spool gun for aluminum. 

There’s really nothing much to complain about this compact welder. It plugs only into a standard 110V wall outlet. You don’t have to worry about 220V or 240V outlets. Many people who buy welders like this work in their garage or a small workshop in their house, and 110 volts will be fine. 

This machine is easy to set up. There are no issues so far with connecting the cables and adjusting settings. If you’re looking for a user-friendly welder, this one is a good choice. It costs almost $250 less than the ESAB 141i, but it offers quite a bit better performance. This is a budget-friendly tool. 

If you’re just starting out, learning how to do MIG, TIG, stick, or flux cored welding, this is a great starting tool. Nonetheless, it’s great for professionals, too. All professional welders own several welding machines, and this could be a great addition to their arsenal. Again, this isn’t a big machine capable of heavy-duty welding operations. It doesn’t claim that it is. However, for what it’s made for, it gets the job done. Read more on what we consider to be the best plasma cutters.

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Eastwood Elite MP140i Multi-Process Welder

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