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In this article, our main concern is a particular helmet which features are quite different from other helmets. This particular product is from ESAB’s and it is like a top-notch helmet for welders.

The Sentinel A50 is ESAB’s new top welding protective helmet, intended for clients who’re intense about wellbeing and utility. With a huge survey port, a quality focal point, stunning solace, the ESAB Sentinel A50 welding helmet offers the most ideal protection and highlights.

In case you’re not the kind of individual to bargain, this is unquestionably the protective helmet for you. ESAB is notable for its top-notch, premium items.

It’s the best classic helmet that was built to last and rise up to manhandle, which makes it ideal for proficient use or for those genuine DIY devotees. With magnificent lucidity and a blue tint that works ideal for TIG welding, it’s appropriate for an assortment of work, including those lucrative welding work that requires long hours.

The Sentinel A50 helmet features are really impressive compared to other helmets, the lens is one thing that makes it worthy for welders which provide better clarity. The design is a revolutionary shell design that is high impact resistance nylon.

The viewing area is superb as well that is 3.93 by 2.36 inches. Sentinel A50 welding helmet is ergonomic, infinitely adjustable 5 point headgear that provides extreme comfort and balance. It has a color touch screen control panel with 8 separate memory settings and an externally activated shade 4 grind button. Meanwhile, some welding helmets also have awesome advantages.

Welders that are good in whatever they do knows the importance of lens for clarity. Taht is why it is important to use a welding helmet that offers ideal lucidity with a wide vision extend, permitting you to work unhindered. The Sentinel A50 welding helmet meets these necessities with its 1/1/1/2 optical clarity and its enormous 3.93 x 2.36.

Features of Esab Sentinel A50


This is the most significant thing about the lens of a welding helmet, that is it must be wide enough. The lens of the A50 is wide in size with which you can make loads of things simpler. Accessibility of a wide size lens helps in getting a greater view. It can help you in making the way toward welding simpler with different advantages and benefits. 

A more extensive working zone gives help by liberating your developments with no superfluous issues. Every one of these things can help you in getting to the full advantage with the use of the Sentinel A50.

esab sentinel a50 welding helmet review

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Optical Clarity

For every welder in order to have an effective welding process, one key factor is the visual limit of the helmet and lens. Here, each welder needs to focus on the clearness of the lens. Considering the working conditions the Esab Sentinel A50 gives an incredible optical clearness. 

In a situation, that the lens is not clear then the welder may confront lots of negative conditions. Such conditions will make awkward conditions. These sorts of conditions can affect the workplace and lead to a few downsides on there part.

LED Screen Setting

This is an awesome feature of the Sentinel A50, LED screen makes work easy for any welder to be able to control it easily. It is the motivation behind why the welding procedure gets so agreeable when welders use the A50. 

The LED screen accompanies the touchscreen highlight. It helps in giving incredible help with maintaining some huge issues. You can discover such controls inside the hood. The controls make the changes significantly simpler and quicker. Subsequently, you can spare bunches of time easily. The controls can assist you in transforming the welding procedure into a simple undertaking in a few different ways.


As a welder, getting yourself quality equipment you need is important, you don’t have to cheat yourself. There are numerous benefits to this which some people don’t know. Meanwhile, it is not only applicable to welders alone but also those that are involved in other handy works for there own safety.

Whenever you are going to buy a welding helmet, you have to look at loads of variables. By and large, these elements may demonstrate valuable in a few different ways. Probably the greatest factor is the comfort level. 

The Esab Sentinel A50 is structured with the expansion of bunches of highlights. These highlights make it exceptionally agreeable and offer different advantages, for example, the avoidance of weariness during welding. It provides a better workflow and relaxation. 

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Settings memory 

The Esab Sentinel A50 is advanced wit its setting features compare to others. These features work with the availability of some particular settings and components. 

At times, people face lots of issues with regard to arranging the settings. All people get disappointed with regard to altering the helmet settings over and over and that is why wrong settings are the issues behind a lot of it. 

Welders that are going to use the A50 do not have to worry about facing any problem with the setting.  By setting up the helmet, you are not required to make any improvements or changes because a particular setting memory is included on the helmet, with the goal that you can turn them on consequently each time.

Also, the Sentinel A50 lens can be changed that is it is replaceable if you want to. It is also an auto-darkening helmet even with the shade that ranges from 5-13 because most auto-darkening helmet shade range from 9-13 but it not usually good enough for lower TIG work.

Even with the external grind mode button, it allows you to switch modes. For external protection for the helmet, it comes with a bag with accessories.

In case, you want to buy the Esab Sentinel A50, you don’t have to worry about how to protect or keep it because it comes with a bag. The accessibility of the bag makes the way toward keeping it in a decent condition conceivable. Furthermore, ensure that you save it in a safe place. 


  • It provides better clarity with its lens
  • It is comfortable.
  • Lightweight.
  • It has a focal rotate point that allows for maximum head freedom while the helmet is in the up position.
  • the front cover lens is replaceable within 10 seconds without removing the helmet.
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In case you are looking for a high-caliber and astounding welding helmet from a confided company, the Sentinel A50 is great. The clearness of the lens expanded vision extends, and astounding highlights settles on this cap an incredible decision of security for any venture.


For any welder that has been in the profession for years, you should be able to know the type of welding equipment you need in a hood for crucial comfort, large lens, and next-generation technology. Every special operation needs special equipment that gets the job done, and when it comes to your helmet, SENTINEL is worn by the best.

A welding helmet is one essential headgear that is important for welders to keep them from all sorts of welding to secure the eyes, face, and neck from streak consume, bright light, sparkles, infrared light, and warmth.  A welding helmet is most usually used with curve welding procedures, for example, protected metal circular segment welding, gas tungsten bend welding, and gas metal curve welding. 

They are important to prevent an arc eye, a difficult condition where the cornea is kindled. Welding helmets can likewise prevent retina consumes, which can prompt lost vision. The two conditions are brought about by unprotected presentation to the profoundly focused bright and infrared beams produced by the welding arc.

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