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It seems as though it’s hard to find a dual voltage TIG welder nowadays, let alone find a high quality model that offers precision and top performance at a reasonable price. That’s where you’ll appreciate the value of the Everlast PowerTIG 200DV, whose functionality for its price is unmatched. 

Everlast has been a household name for so many years, and one of its recent models is the PowerTIG 200DV. Right off the bat, you see this analog TIG welder as a dual voltage machine capable of operating on 120V or 240V. Great for beginners and professionals, it offers top of the line performance, versatility, and flexibility. It’s not a multi-process welder, but it can do both TIG and stick welding. These two modes alone provide numerous opportunities for anyone who wants to advance their welding skills. If you’re doing a lot of fabrication or repair work in the farm, in your garage, or in your workshop, the PowerTIG 200DV is worth considering. 

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Everlast Powertig 200dv

Everlast Powertig 200dv Welder Review & Specifications

People enjoy using this machine for a number of reasons. One of the best welders in its class, it offers precise arc control. If you do on-site welding operations, you’ll find its weight and portability quite convenient. Moreover, it’s compatible with 3500-watt generators. This is truly great for both indoor and outdoor work. The straightforward, color-coded, and easy-to-identify  controls make this machine easy to operate. It has a lift start function and a high frequency option. For stick welding, the arc force control keeps spatter down to a minimum and enhances the arc. 

If you’re doing TIG, then the pre- and post-flow control provides effective shielding. The TIG function works in DC and AC mode. In DC mode, you have a 5-amp start. In AC mode, you can start at 20 amps. In either mode, your frequency range is from 0.5Hz to 150Hz. When doing AC welding, you get a good cleaning range adjustment that’s between 30 and 70 percent. That means you get a substantial cleaning to penetration ratio. 

The PowerTIG 200DV is a digitally controlled IGBT inverter welder, and this is partly why it produces above average performance. However, you will need a clean power generator with this welder. 

Like most dual voltage welders, you get the optimum performance at 220-240 volts. At 240 volts, this machine welds up to 5/16-inch of steel on a single pass. You can weld half an inch of steel at 240 volts, but you’d have to go slower. You can also weld a quarter of an inch of aluminum without any problems. 

This welder is a single-phase AC/DC machine with a wide amperage range from 3 to 310 amps. At the low extreme of its amperage range, it can weld thin sheets without burning holes through. You know, some of these “powerful” welders are not good with thin metal sheets, but the PowerTIG 200DV isn’t one of them. When it comes to power, though, you get the 310A, which should be able to take care of up to about 12.7-mm steel. 

The next thing you’d be concerned about is the duty cycle.  The duty cycle at 200 amps is 60%. That’s impressive. It means you can weld continuously for 6 minutes for every 10 minutes. At 250 amps, the duty cycle goes down to 40%. That’s still good. The exceptional runtime of this welder is one reason it satisfies a lot of hobbyists and pros. 


The package includes a number of accessories, including a work clamp attached to a 10-foot cable. It also includes an electrode holder for stick welding, the cable for which is also 10 feet long. Both the work clamp and stick electrode cable have DINSE style connectors. You will also get a 12-foot Everlast 26 Series TIG torch. This torch also has DINSE style connectors as well as a 2T/4T switch. 

Other accessories are a 6-foot power input cable, foot pedal, pigtail adapter, and 120/240V regulator. You will also get a consumable starter kit. The kit doesn’t include tungsten and gas lenses. 

Dual Voltage

The dual voltage feature is a selling point for many welding machines, including this one, because it offers flexibility. You can use a dual voltage machine anywhere without worrying about the input voltage. The wrong input voltage can damage the machine or render it useless. 

One criticism people have for dual voltage welders is they’re not reliable on 110-120V. However, the standard household outlet is 110V, which means a 110V or a dual voltage piece of equipment comes handy for those welding in their garage or in a workshop at home. There’s no need to install another inlet. Also, a dual voltage machine removes the need for an adapter. 

Moreover, this machine is powered by a digitally controlled IGBT transistor, as well as a modern square wave technology, thus making it a more reliable tool than the average TIG welder.

Premium Design

You may have reservations with this machine, but one thing you can’t complain about is its design. The exterior looks and feels robust. You know right away this is a durable welder that can take a good beating for years. This is one of the things that most users say about this tool. It’s definitely not one of those cheap, flimsy things that eventually get thrown into the corner of someone’s workshop. 

AC/DC Capability

As earlier mentioned, this has an AC and a DC mode, adding flexibility to your work. You don’t have to worry about the type of current available. In addition, if you’re in AC mode, you have two yellow knobs, one for pulse frequency and another for balance (cleaning and penetration). These two controls alone allow you to fine tune your settings. 


Although the PowerTIG 200DV is not a multi-process welder, it can do many things. If you’re not doing heavy-duty or highly specialized types of welding operations, you don’t need anything other than this machine. Owning this one is like owning different types of welders. Then again, the next thing to consider is the performance, which takes us to our next point.

Is the Everlast PowerTIG 200DV good for you?

Basically, if you’re looking for a welder that packs power, this one is good for you. This isn’t just a machine with a tough build quality. It’s also one that performs well on several tasks. With all its features, it’s able to keep itself considerably small at 24 by 9 by 17 inches and light at 60 pounds. It’s light and small enough to be carried around, although using a welding cart wouldn’t hurt. 

Do you want a reliable and resilient machine? Well, this welder certainly has these characteristics. While it’s not as versatile as some multi-process welders, it holds its own in terms of versatility. It has a dual voltage output, which means you can connect it to your regular household outlet or to a 220V outlet. With this machine you can do repair and maintenance of automotive parts, equipment, or plumbing. You can also weld any type of conductive metal, including copper and titanium. 

Another good thing about this welder is you can connect it to a number of generators as long as they produce clean 3500-watt power at 120V. Other features you can’t ignore are the HF start, pulse mode, and 300 Hz AC welding. You can do tight welds with this tool. Moreover, you can use the superflex cable, which comes with the package. This cable is better than your regular cable because it’s less likely to curl, twist, and tangle. 

Possible Drawbacks

But like virtually all products, the PowerTIG 200DV has some weaknesses. The first thing you will notice when you open the package is the lack of gas lenses, which you will need to buy separately. You will also need to buy a smaller torch if you intend to use the tool on a lower voltage setting. 

There seems a veil of uncertainty as to the longevity of the machine. It was released just a couple of years ago, so we’ve yet to see major issues. The thing about the newer models is we still have to wait for several years before we know for sure how durable they are. Nonetheless, Everlast is known for placing their units in tough conditions to test their durability. Hence, it’s safe to bet that the PowerTIG 200DV isn’t likely to break down as easily as cheap machines are. 

To keep you at peace, Everlast provides a 5-year warranty for all its units. The warranty covers malfunction, breakage, or failure resulting from a manufacturing problem. The foot pedal, torches, and cables have a 6-month warranty.


Everlast is not only a fast-growing brand. It has also earned respect on the market because of its commitment to providing value. This commitment is apparent in the build and power of its newest addition, the PowerTIG 200DV. Despite the qualms about its quality and durability, this machine proves to be an excellent choice for many buyers. It comes with high-end features that provide more flexibility to your work. It’s also a relatively portable welder with a sturdy build quality. More importantly, the control panel is designed for both beginners and professionals. The easy-to-identify knobs make your work so much more convenient.

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Everlast Powertig 200dv

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