How Long Can A Respirator Be Worn

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Respirator comes in different forms, brand, sizes, as there is facial variation. Ideally, respirators are meant to be replaced every day even though this is subjective. These Respirators have an elastic that hands around the head and it might get stretched out often which makes the elastic becomes too loose to maintain a tight seal over the mouth and nose.

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The Respirators can, therefore, be recycled by using multiple masks to maximize the span of the elastics. This can be achieved by wearing a new mask each day for a week, and then recycle it for the other week. This process helps to reduce the rate at which the elastic gets stretched out and loses its effectiveness afterward.

This is because the rate at which the elastic gets stretched is reduced when the mask is idle at home and the elastic fibers can relapse naturally to its tension they are intended to be at. The aftermath is that the elastic loses more and more of its elasticity.

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Respirators, however, do not add stress on the heart but those with significant weight coupled with protective clothing can impose additional weight and may translate to ergonomic burden and may later lead to cardiac stress. 

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