How Much Does An Underwater Welder Make

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Underwater welding takes very little time to learn, but years to master. Many underwater welders start their journey in diving school, with the intention of taking the plunge as quickly as possible. Underwater welders are unique because they must be trained as a commercial diver and as certified welders that is why there welding salary is huge. Underwater welders can earn as much as one can imagine depending on the level.

Underwater welding is performed while the welder is lowered, regularly at raised barometric weights. Due to the unfavorable conditions and inborn perils related to underwater welding (otherwise called wet welding), divers/underwater welders must be prepared to an incredibly thorough standard with profoundly particular guidance. Meanwhile, most underwater welders work for oil companies that supply diving services for offshore oil fields all over the world.

How Much Does An Underwater Welder Make

Underwater welding is part of the training of a commercial diver that is why they include this training in commercial diving school to give their student a better opportunity of getting work after graduation.

In a situation that you can weld and play out various other underwater development and study obligations, those in the field say this is a decent time to be a commercial diver for commercial diving. It is also advisable for welders to have more advanced knowledge of commercial diving equipment.

In the real sense, how would you bond two bits of metal together while underwater? It turns out there are two or three different ways. Rather than the gas weld bars use on dry land, underwater welders utilize exceptional electric circular segment welding poles. Most underwater welding is finished with the assistance of a dry chamber framework, which is used to keep water from the work territory. These are called hyperbaric chambers or living spaces.

How Much Does An Underwater Welder Make?

Underwater welder salary is always robust. According to the bureau of labor statistics, the earned income of an underwater welder range from $25,000 to $80,000 annually for welding salary, with the proper experience in that profession, underwater welders make up to$100,000 in a year as a welder salary. Underwater welder pay is inflated than other professionals because they perform the strenuous tasks under the utmost conditions.

You can possibly earn the annual income in a few months depending on the kind of job and its location the underwater welder do. The average income of an underwater commercial diver is $26.00 per hour, the least paid underwater welder should make an average of $30,000.

Another thing about the payment of commercial divers is that they can charge per hour which is an added advantage to their own side as well. Added advantage for commercial divers is that they are independent.

Each factor is part of a condition for being progressively attractive as an underwater welder, more compensation, and more openings for work. The amount being paid also depend on the entry-level of the underwater welder, a junior cadre and a senior cadre can not get the same amount but as time goes on, with the level of promotion the salary improves more.

What Factors Determine How Much An Underwater Diver Can Make?

Like I said earlier, there are certain things that are been considered before getting a particular amount for a welders job just like the underwater welding salary. In this aspect, we are going to tell you the factors that are been considered for underwater welder salary.

  • Diving Experience

This is the most notable factor that regulates the underwater diver or welders earned income . The pay for a novice diver will be different from that of a diver with 4 or more years of experience. To get inflated income, you have to be more experienced.

  • Location

Underwater work is risky for welders and they can work anywhere which means at any time they can be transferred from one place to the other, that is why their work is global which also determines their pay depending on the country they work for. The welder salary also depends on the location.

  • Certification

For anyone to be an underwater welder diver, you must have earned yourself certificates relating to the course that can improve you more and give you an edge over others. Higher certification qualification implies that you can address more noteworthy difficulties. If as an underwater welder and you have all these skills, employers will pay more for your range of abilities.

  • Environment

Underwater projects have various difficulties relying upon nature. As an underwater diver, you might be working in regions with no ability to see, high wave flows, or frigid temperatures. These conditions make the welding more hazardous, which calls for a more significant salary for underwater welders.

As though being profound underwater wasn’t sufficiently unnerving, underwater welders are in a consistent battle with their condition. In some cases, simply attempting to hold themselves in one spot against solid flows is testing enough when welding.

When welding poor permeability, oxygen bubbles, the danger of getting caught on bits of rock or metal, hardware disappointment, decompression ailment, and even alarming experiences with ocean life are only a couple of the dangers underwater face.

Luckily, the industry goes all out with regard to underwater wellbeing especially an underwater welder salary. Rigid work and wellbeing rehearse are constantly authorized and the entirety of the hardware utilized has been explicitly intended with the end goal of underwater welding.

The risk from differential pressure is another additionally genuine threat. This marvel happens when two waterways at various pressure meet. The water from the higher constrain endeavors to hurry into the water mass with a lower one. This makes an attraction impact that can trap divers underwater and open them to the danger of suffocating or hypothermia.

  • Depth of work

In this aspect, the deeper the work, the more you get paid concerning this work.

  • Payment for overtime

For any underwater welder, this is an added advantage for welders. When working, offshore underwater divers or welders exploit the additional time working hours and get more cash-flow. The marine welding work is regular that implies a particular welder can earn a lot of money on one project and afterward put in a couple of months before handling another task. The additional time payments supplement for such slow times of the year.

  • Diving method

Basic diving techniques incorporate surface provided air, blended gas immersion, and Scuba. Scuba is mostly used for recreational or logical jumping. Despite the technique you use, the less protection among you and nature you are working in, which means higher pay while the other factors that decide the measure of pay include the degree of training, execution, travel recurrence, and so on.

What is Saturation Diving, and much do Saturation Divers Make?

Since underwater welders know that they will spend quite a while in the water, they utilize a procedure known as Saturation diving. A saturation dive can take as long as three weeks to finish. During this time, the diver eats and drinks in a pressure chamber. Meanwhile, decompression doesn’t occur during this time until the activity is finished.

Well, to think of it with these abhorrent conditions, what amount do saturation divers acquire?

Saturation underwater welders can get paid up to $45,000 to $90,000 every month. This can mean that the welders make about $500,000 per year. In your mind, you meant be thinking about how to become one already but not so fast because the money does not come with easy. Saturation divers need to go through thorough training in diving schools before becoming a good one at it and after this, it requires a long time before the diver can take first saturation dive.

For saturation divers, they receive depth pay at first, they pay per foot which is between $1 to $ 4 per foot. Generally, the compensation is $1 per foot for the initial 100 feet. From that point forward, the installment will ascend to $2 per foot compared to the initial $4 per foot. The salary is subject to the length of the dive and the depth of the task.

Saturation divers get extra rewards for their saturation diving because of the time they spend in the waters and the measure of strain that their bodies experience.

Types of Underwater Welders and how much they are paid

There are two types of underwater welders;

  • Offshore
  • Onshore


This can be defined as the type of diving that occurs in sea, bays, and oceans. The help for offshore underwater divers is given from the surface, as a rule from a fixed stage or a boat. Offshore diving is the beginning point of commercial diving for the recently ensured divers. The offshore underwater divers are mostly used by oil and gas enterprises to complete support of their marine structures. Part of the welding work an underwater welder do is to expel oil from underneath the sea bed.

The underwater welding work isn’t for the timid, yet it is well paying. The welding work is hazardous and requires a ton of experience considering the days, weeks they spend under the water. They have to endure the weather whether it is favorable or not as well as increasing pressure from the water.

How much do Offshore Underwater Welders make?

Offshore divers can also be categorized into two different types.

Freshman underwater welders make about $40,000-$60,000 for a start while for offshore divers with three to five years of experience in welding, earn salary starting from $50,000-$80,000.

In the real sense, an offshore underwater welder will spend 4-6 weeks in the sea and they can have additional time of more than 10 hours on a project.


This is otherwise called inland diving. It happens in lakes and waterways frequently close to dams and bridges. Their help can be on the outside of Scuba, contingent upon the depth of the dive. The dives generally occur in freshwaters, which causes less corrosion on the diving gear. this type of underwater welding salary is much also.

In contrast to offshore underwater divers, inland divers don’t do upkeep on oil and gas structures. Inland underwater welders work is generally supporting engineering projects. Their work includes checking span structures for honesty. They additionally work inclinations and testing conditions.

Their underwater welding projects include investigating, inspecting and fixing dam walls, cutting underwater flotsam and jetsam, reviewing sewer pipes, etc.

How much do Onshore Underwater Welder make?

This can also be categorized into two, which are the rookie divers/underwater welders and the experienced underwater welders. For the rookie underwater divers or welders, there starting salary is about $25,000- $40,000 while for the more experienced underwater divers their salary is about $50,000 – $80,000. Their schedule of work is about 40 to 45 hours in a year but they are always occupied during the winter and spring periods due to the damage done by storm to the water vessels.


Underwater welding for anyone is like hitting a jackpot but not as easy even for the experienced underwater welders. For any underwater welder that is in the field or wants to join, it is of importance for any underwater welder to acquire all the necessary knowledge so as to keep being relevant in the field because underwater welding is not just a job that you can just sit on the fence, you need it to get more certificate and training as an underwater welder by going to diving school as well as commercial divers.For any commercial divers, it requires anyone of them to be in mental and good shape because of the area they work in. For any divers or underwater welders, the ability to work smart and identify things quickly keeps the welders on track and can make the underwater welder to get more contract or underwater welding salary.

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