How To Keep Welding Helmet From Fogging

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Firstly, what is fogging?

Fogging is something that happens naturally you can not influence it and it is experienced by every welder.

Welding helmet fogging is like a common issue to any welder not matter the type of helmet you might be using, it will definitely fog up but there are factors or reasons why this actually happens as well as a solution to this kind of situation for any welder.

Meanwhile, we will be talking about the causes, the solution and ways to prevent it from occurring in the future. Here we have the cause; the temperature of the helmet can fog up once the temperature of the environment you are working drops, in fact, it does not have to rain before it can occur.

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A welding helmet can also fog up if your face is close to the lens and to prevent this from happening by adjusting the face a little bit away from the helmet in order to allow circulation of air. Also, breathing through the mouth is another cause, in this case, the welder can breathe through his nose to avoid fogging.

Here are the things to do to prevent fogging;

Breathing through your nose but this can only work for a short period of time for any welder because it might not be really efficient for any welder that works for a longer time. 

Some welders also recommend the use of water or spit but this does not last also for any welder that works for a longer time. Using a small portable fan also works by drying the air out of the helmet. Controlling one breathe is also a solution.

Another solution to fogging is using an anti-fogging solution, it is the best solution to solve fogging, welders believe that it really works out well for them but with time it might eventually wear out but you can continue to apply the anti-fogging solution to your helmet.

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Moreso, if you are a welder you can prevent fogging from happening because it will surely occur expect if you don’t breathe and it is actually a big deal because it can cause harm if attention is not been paid to it by any welder that experience it.


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