How to Know a Good Welding Respirator

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Welding respirators are protective pieces of equipment welders make use of. They usually cover the nose and mouth to protect the lungs from inhaling particles that are harmful to the body. Welding respirators are designed to protect you from inhaling dangerous gasses such as smoke and other dangerous things such as fumes, dust, and even particles that can get into your nose.

Buying a welding respirator can be a very straight forward job if you know what to look out for. Knowing what to look out for will better your chances of getting a good one.

Features of a Good Welding Respirator

  • Comfort: A good respirator is very comfortable to use. Realize that your respirator will be on you for extended periods. If it is uncomfortable, you will be distracted throughout the process. Although you cannot know how comfortable it will be from the image [if you are buying online], you can know from reviews. Check out our review of the best and most comfortable welding respirators.
  • Competent filters: The filters of your welding respirator should be good enough to offer you the protection you need. Realize the filters perform the main work in the assembly of the respirator. They are the part of the respirator that do the purifying. It will also be good if your respirator uses reusable filters to cut down the cost of using respirators. You can know the filter type from the specification even if you are buying online.
  • Durability: Your welding respirator should be durable. There is little sense in spending on a respirator only for it to spoil before you use it well. You may not know how durable a respirator is from the specifications, but you can know from reviews.
  • Adjustability: It is not possible for welding respirator companies to create a respirator to match each head size. Rather, they can create sizes closest to most head sizes. The respirator may not fit you totally. However, to remedy this, they should have straps for adjustment. A respirator without an adjustment strap is a no-go area.
  • Warranty: Ensure that your respirator has a warranty so that if it is not to your liking, it can be returned. Here are some of the best welding respirators available.

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