How To Use A Template In Plasma Cutter Metal Art

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Are you a welder and you are marginally imaginatively slanted, there are various ways you can make use of your plasma cutter aside the normal use that can as well earn you money by utilizing your plasma cutting aptitudes. Also, you might not be a welder, maybe an artist as well.

In this review, we are going to be talking about a lot of artwork you can do at home with a convenient plasma cutter. When you have the necessary thing or basics, however, your creative mind is the cutoff.

Plasma cutters utilize amazingly hot gas to cut metal and these cutters are exact to the point that they permit metal specialists to render fine detail out of sheet metal while structure template is valuable for making different types of the same piece of art. The way plasma cutters can be incredible for making metal art and logos, be that as it may, to transform your idea into reality, you will need different working devices and aptitudes to achieve it.

Meanwhile, plasma cutting doesn’t simply include parting bars of metal, however, it can likewise be applied in metal arts to produce shapes and designs. Moreover, templates can work for all shapes and you should have it at the back of your mind that few shapes might be muddled or tangled.

The essence of a template is to solve any problem relating to any design even the most challenging ones and it is simple when you cut shapes utilizing plasma cutting layouts. This process as well delivers all-round structured, modish, and complete shapes.

There are a lot of things that can be done through the use of a plasma cutter for metal art and the designs made out of it can be used in the house, office, in fact, gates can be designed so well and nice looking to complement one’s house. Other things like wall decorations, furniture, flower vase, office signboard, business logos.


Another thing to know is to get a plasma cutter that will be able to cut the thickness of the metals, then provide a good work area and been safe by wearing all the safety guides whenever you at work. It is a DIY thing that anyone that is passionate about art can try out.

Benefits of Using a Template in Plasma Cutter Metal Art

  • It saves time since you have an idea of the sort of shape to cut.
  • The cutting streamlines the cutting procedure since it’s simpler to follow the framework that is why the procedure is progressively normal to learn and beginners can immediately cut the ideal shapes easily.
  • It additionally diminishes the misuse of metal in this manner in order to save money.
  • Another benefit is that it is conceivable to deliver indistinguishable shapes since a standard layout will direct you.
  • Moreover, as a metal artist, you can benefit most when utilizing formats since you will just need to create various comparable bits of structure and art.

Another thing that might interest anyone that loves trying out new things is that if you own plasma cutter you don’t have to buy templates any time you need to work on an art piece. You can decide to plan and cut custom fine arts of your own by creating your templates at home.

If you need to cut out a perfect metal art, there are two basics things you should watch out to get the best and perfect metal art which are;

  • Cutting shape and designs
  • Cutting out a perfect circle

Cutting shape and designs

For anyone that wants to use there free hand in cutting out shapes, it is good to practice in order to be perfect. Moreover, for different shapes and designs, you will surely need your hand because it is actually the best for complex cuts and not easy as well because it can be compared to using a template to achieve whatever you want to within a time frame. For more easy work, you can get a template for each object because it is more comfortable.

Cutting out a perfect circle

If you have ever tried drawing circle when you were young maybe a piechart, you will agree with me that it is not easy in getting the circle the way it should exact the use of a guide that is what we are going to apply here as well, there template to do this. It prevents one from wasting resources and time.

These are the items you will need to achieve the process;

  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Cardboard
  • Plywood board
  • Soapstone
  • Jigsaw
  • Metal clamps

Truly, with a template and plasma cutter, you can create indistinguishable and various bits of craftsmanship within a brief timeframe. You know, plasma cutter utilizes an amazingly hot progression of gas to cut metal. It permits a metal craftsman to cut absolutely any sheet metal. In the event that you require making numerous of a similar piece of art, a structured template can be generally useful.

The artist has two alternatives for utilizing a template:  the first step is to trace the template plan onto the sheet metal.

Then clasp it directly to the sheet metal to guide the plasma cutter. With this process, it will guide the plasma cutter to cut the art piece, and using a good plasma cutter will be of great advantage to whatever project one is doing.

Steps on How to Trace a Template in Plasma Cutter Metal Art

Stage 1:

Draw the logo or structure onto the bit of cardboard. 

Stage 2

Cut out the template. You may utilize a sharp blade to cut it.

Stage 3

Clamp the template to the sheet. You’ll require in any event two cinches to hold the layout immovably set up. If there should be an occurrence of a huge plan, you may require at least three clips.

Stage 4

Trace around the template with soapstone. You ought to do it gradually. Be progressively cautious when following around the clasps.

Stage 5

Take away the cinches and template. You’ll then see the diagram of the design.

Stage 6

Cut the sheet by using a plasma cutter, then place the plasma cutter tip directly over the framework.

After going through all the processes, all you need to do is to work cautiously and gradually to get the exact cut.

Steps on How To Clamp a Template In Plasma Cutter Metal Art

Step 1

Take the measurement of the distance from the focal point of the cutting tip to the edge of the tip.

Step 2

Outline the logo or design on a piece of pressed wood or a molecule board. For this situation, you ought to deduct/take away the measurement that you have in step 1.

For instance, if the measurement of the focal point of the cutting tip is ¼” from the edge, you should draw the logo ¼ ” littler than the ideal.

Step 3

Cut the logo or design from the wood piece. You can use a jigsaw. You should work gradually to get the exact cut.

Step 4

Mount the cut wood piece onto the sheet metal. Utilize the clamp to hold the completed cut piece in the place.

Step 5

Trace around the cut piece/layout utilizing a plasma cutter. Keep the edge of the cutting tip against the template. At the point when the tip will reach close to the clamp, you may require halting cutting. At that point supplant the clamp to another position, then you can cut along the line.

Meanwhile, there are certain things you need to know concern the template because with time it might start wearing out most especially when it comes in contact with fire coming from the plasma cutter. In essence, it has to be durable, you can make a strong template by using scrap bits of sheet metal. I believe that with this the template will hold consistent and not get damaged from produced from the cutter.

Sketching out logos is not an easy task for the artist, they make mistakes as well and one can not be perfect all the time but to avoid all this from happening it is advisable to get a template most especially beginners to make there work easy and neat.

Inconclusion, a plasma cutting template for metal arts allows you to do basic and complex undertakings that require aptitudes and most extreme yield. You save money on schedule and material with an assurance of good quality work. Also as an artist, you have to be skillful and you should be able to come out with any design of your own with this it will make you special and sell you out to people.

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