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Klutch plasma cutters

The structures that you see around you are made possible through different cutting techniques, one of which is plasma cutting. It’s impossible to think of the automotive, manufacturing, shipbuilding, and fabrication industry without plasma cutters, machines that are an essential part of metal cutting. But plasma cutting isn’t just for huge fabrication industries. Home hobbyists and DIY technicians do find plasma cutting an important part of what they do.

When it comes to finding the best plasma cutter on the market the same names tend to appear. You know the names: Miller, Hypertherm, or Lincoln. But the high prices of these top brands compel people to look elsewhere, such as the cheaper Klutch plasma cutter line-up.

Klutch plasma cutters are typically dual voltage machines capable of working at 110V or 220V. Most plasma cutters are built to be dual voltage now, so this isn’t really much of a selling point. Nonetheless, it’s good to have a tool that can run on whatever input voltage is available.

Another common feature among Klutch plasma cutters is the presence of knobs and control buttons alongside the torch lid. They also have displays, pressure gauges, and knobs on the front panel. But perhaps what’s notable are the warning lights that indicate missed or loose connections.

Klutch 375i Plasma Cutter & Specifications

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Klutch 375i Plasma Cutter

Klutch Plasma 375i Plasma Cutter is one of the top units in the Klutch plasma cutter line-up. This 21-lb metal cutter is a light and compact machine that looks like it could be a good addition to the workshop tools of a hobbyist. It’s not as powerful as the best, most expensive plasma cutters out there, but it holds its own. Certainly not built for industrial metal cutting, it’s fast and piercing enough for anyone doing stuff in their garage or backyard.

One downside is the lack of an air compressor, something you might expect in a portable body like this one. But you can’t really complain much when it’s an inverter type cutter with a pilot arc. In addition, the body comes with a 3-year warranty and the torch has a 1-year warranty to put your mind at peace.

As earlier said, this is not your industrial plasma cutter, but it cuts 3/8” mild steel and 1/4” stainless steel and aluminum at 40A. These numbers seem weak compared to other cheap plasma cutters on the market.


Inverter Technology. Klutch 375i’s inverter based circuitry keeps it light and reasonably powerful for its price. The inverter technology allows this machine to create a stable arc that cuts with precision despite fluctuations in power. You can count on it to cut 1/4-inch steel quickly, so you can really do a lot of things with this tool. Anything thicker than that, and the machine struggles.

Well Designed Torch. Let’s talk about the accessories that come with it. The torch looks serious. Not to mention, its 18-foot lead gives you more mobility. The power cable is around 18 feet as well, so getting around your workshop shouldn’t be an issue.

Pilot Arc. A pilot arc is a handy feature preferred by a lot of users. If you have used a plasma cutter without this feature and then tried one with a pilot arc, you most probably would not go back. A pilot arc torch has a lot of advantages over the non-pilot arc one. Non-pilot arc torches need a clean metal surface, but sometimes you just don’t have extra time for prepping up your workpieces. You’ll experience the sheer advantage when you’re cutting rusty materials or expanded metal. Also, with a pilot arc, you don’t have to start and stop and suffer from hand fatigue along the way.

Good Duty Cycle. With a duty cycle of 35 percent at 40 amps, it easily can be considered a reliable tool for demanding tasks.

Klutch 375i Plasma Cutter


The Klutch Plasma 375i shares the same weaknesses of many portable machines. One is its inability to cut thick metal plates cleanly. Once you get to 1/2” of steel, you get a significant amount of slag. While slag can be removed by cleaning, that means you have to spend more time working on your cuts. Dirty cuts lower your working efficiency and productivity.

There are mixed reviews about the machine’s durability. There are users who reported this plasma cutter dying after a week, but there are also users who say they’ve been using it for a long time and it still works. If you go to the Amazon page of this product, you’ll see that it only has a 50% 5-star rating, one of the saddest ratings for portable plasma cutters. If you, however, want to be assured by excellent reviews, you might want to look at the Hobart 500575 AirForce 27i. It’s a little over twice the price of Klutch 375i.


The Klutch Plasma 375i isn’t making headlines. It’s not claiming to be the best or most powerful plasma cutter out there, but it certainly has a niche of users, mostly beginners who don’t do a lot of metal cutting work. It should be usable and reliable within its limits. 

Sure, a lot of machines are better performers, but they are certainly much more expensive. This plasma cutter perfectly sits in a small workshop for light operations. Again, it doesn’t come with an air compressor, so you have to buy a compressor before you can use it. If you want a machine with a built-in compressor, take a look at the Klutch P12AFi.

Klutch P12AFi Plasma Cutter & Specifications

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Klutch P12AFi Plasma Cutter

This Klutch plasma cutter is inverter-powered with a built-in air compressor that is easy to use and move around. All you just need to do is to plug it in, get the light, and when you are cutting in short order. The plasma cutter is excessively lightweight and productive, requiring less input power than customarily controlled plasma cutters while it also effectively turns variances in input capacity to reliable yield for better cuts. Incorporates 10ft. Ground cable/clamp, 6.5ft. Power cord, 3 electrodes, and 3 spouts.

• It has a built-in air compressor.
• The unit is lightweight with a smaller inverter power system.
• The inverter power requires less input power.
• It is easy to use and move around.

Another feature of this plasma cutter is the built-in internal air compressor with air pressure gauge and pressure adjustment control that is no additional air compressor is required. It also has a touch start system with reliable plasma arc initiation, cuts mild steel up to 1/8inch thick clean-cut, and up to 3/16inch thick sever cut.

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