Plasma Cutter Without Air Compressor

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Aware of the high cut precision of plasma cutters? It was said by a welder thus; a welder is he whose arms are those of a drug addict from weld spatter, and he made no mistake saying that.

Welding can wear you out, especially when it comes to the cutting of tough electrically conductive metals like copper, aluminum, brass, and stainless steel, this is why since the invention of the first plasma cutter, the market had received over 100 cutters from different companies across the world, as more are yet to be welcomed.

These plasma cutters come in different designs for the same purpose of cutting, but while some are bulky, others are portable enough to be carried about by international welders who have to travel with it.

Apart from size variation, some of them come with air compressor (in-built or out-built) and some does not, though each has its own benefits, but those without air compressor are seen to spot more benefits than those with air compressor, nevertheless to guide you on how to buy the best plasma cutter without air compressor, I have got this write up for you. Read on.

Choosing the best plasma cutter

As I have mentioned above that plasma cutter vary, but things you have to check out for on one before buying are; ease of use, cut quality, cut capacity, operating cost, reliability and duty cycle. Having all that in mind, you should know the kind of cutting you do most of the time, is it hand or table cut?

Although some plasma cutter can do both but many are specialized, therefore you will have to choose the one that suit your cutting. You should also consider the thickness of your material, do you cut ½-inch thick copper mostly than you do ¾-inch thick one?

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Then go for a ½-inch machine. Whatever machine is it you choose, make sure the cut quality is high enough to save you from secondary cutting, ensure that the cost of operation is reasonable and confirm the reliability.

Lastly, never go for heavy or massive system if you regularly will be traveling with it, the portable one will be okay, and vice versa if its going to be in a fixed place. I must mention this too, yes below is a list of the best plasma cutter without air compressor, but their level of operation varies. While some are easy to work with, some aren’t, so choose the one easier to handle.


The Best Plasma Cutter Without Air Compressor

Our Choice

Lotos LTP5000D 50Amp Non-touch pilot Arc Plasma cutter, Dual vol

Coming from Lotus Technology, the dual voltage running on both 220v 50/60 Hz power and 110v 50/60 Hz, is capable of cutting through rough and even painted alloy steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, and mild steel of thickness ranging from ½- inch to ¾-inch.

The MOSFET transistor and the pilot arc allows for a uniform cut, as the PAPST advanced cooling system beat down the heat. Other features include the ground clamp and cable, air hose, plasma torch, air hose connection, air regulator, and a firm handle for mobility.

Available only in red color with a net weight of 26 pounds and a dimension of 15×6×12 inches, the F6-LLBG-D35Z model meets the desired portability of every international welders. This machine, first available on may 25 2011, uses tig-welding which makes welding convenient and faster.

It spots power supply, torch, and it needs just 110volts to give an output current of 10-33A.


PrimeWeld Ct520d 50 Amps Plasma cutter (200 Amps Tig Welder and Stick Welder combo)

The CT520d AKA three combo got into the market with all of its amazing features like; 3 years warranty, 24/7 customer service and US based parts in August 24 2015. It is a combination of cutting (plasma) and welding (arc welding and TIG/stick welding). 

Due to its multipurpose feature, it is heavier and bigger than Lotus LTP5000D and so is not for you if you need something portable. The 23.6×16.8×12.8 inches weighing 35.7 pounds had received over 60 reviews on amazon.

With the input power frequency machine of 50 Hz/60Hz, you have all you need for welding and cutting.



Hitbox CUT40 Metal cutter (40A 220V)

Consider this 10kg machine the best gear for cutting through aluminum, copper, stainless steel and copper steal of a maximum thickness of 12mm, but a maximum of 8mm for quality cuts.

Since it does not come with an in-built air compressor, a 4-5 external one is needed to work with it. Spotting a FAN protection for cooling, the 371×155×232 inch system requires an input current of 30A to give an output of 220Volt.



2016 AHP Alphacut 60 60 Amp

If you are on a lookout for the best plasma cutter without air compressor, and you want something

you can drag-cut with, the Alphacut 60 60 Amp will get all your work done perfectly without a secondary cutting, it can be easily operated and work with on table and with hands.

The pilot arc commercial class will slice through rusted, painted, and even expanded metals using the 60% Duty circle at about 59 amps 110/220 voltage. The duty circle comes with 220v to 110v adapter, to reduce the time spent on works and thus require less stress to finish the cutting process.




VIVOHOME DC 50 Inverter plasma cutter

And lastly on my list, I have the monster that spots over 100KHz frequency. With a pilot arc HF oscillation, the 23lbs weight needs a no-load 230v to cut 1-12mm thick metal accurately without a second cut. 

Featuring a 18×14×11 dimension, it uses an input power of 4.8KVA and an input power of 20-50A. It can slice through any ¼-inch and ½-inch material just like a knife through bread and butter.



Above are the 5 best plasma cutter without air compressor so far. Miss anything or have a question/suggestion? Feel free to use the comment box to receive a quick response.

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