Ramsond CUT 50DY Plasma Cutter Review

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Ramsond CUT 50DY Plasma Cutter Review

There are many air plasma cutters on the market right now, but Ramsond CUT 50DY Plasma Cutter is touted as one of the most reliable out there. Hence, it’s important to discuss its build quality and features. 

It’s a portable air plasma cutter, which can be used in a DIY workshop or a garage. Efficiency is an important factor to consider when buying any electrically powered machine, especially taking into account that you’re using it for a long time. Many users report they like the performance of the Ramsond CUT 50DY. Those who are looking for built-in digital or analog meters that allow quick readings of pressure and amperage will particularly find this machine so easy to use. 

The Ramsond CUT 50DY boasts high quality to price ratio, because it has all the features that top plasma cutters have at a lower price. Many users are skeptical at first, especially when Lotos and Hobart plasma cutters continue to dominate this niche. Nonetheless, this detailed review should help you decide whether or not Ramsond CUT 50DY offers value for its price. 

Ramsond CUT 50DY Plasma Cutter & Specifications


Ramsond keeps refining its line of plasma cutters, and the 50DY is the fourth version. This iteration competes with the most lightweight and portable plasma cutters on the market. Weighing only 19 pounds and measuring 14.2 x 6 x 9 inches, it doesn’t get any better. The heat-resistant foldable handle makes it a reliable tool for any automative or metal fabrication technician. 

The first thing you may notice when looking at Ramsond’s external design is the row of vents on the both sides of the machine. These vents, together with the device’s cooling system, get rid of heat effectively while you’re working. That means you’ll have to worry less about your tool overheating while you’re focusing on the stuff you’re doing. 

Thick gauge steel forms the shell of the Ramsond 50DY, keeping the entire machine durable but lightweight. This machine is not just portable. The cleverly designed torch has pre-connected parts, and the whole unit can be disassembled easily.

Automatic Dual Voltage 

Users say this is Ramsond Cut 50DY’s best feature. When you have a plasma cutter designed to handle 110V and 220V, then you don’t have to worry about where you plug it in. It also means you can use it anywhere in the world without needing a converter. If you’re a technician who travels in different countries, this feature is really great to have. Nonetheless, this amazing machine has more jaw-dropping features.

Integrated Digital Display and Meter 

The digital display, which is just above the current control panel, shows you the amperage. On the other hand, you can see the pressure gauge above the display. It’s between the on/off button and the amperage knob. The dial tells you the air pressure the system is generating. The ports are placed away from the display and the meter, which are then easy to see. 

Severance Level 

While most portable plasma cutters are designed for 3/4″ metal sheets, the Ramsond Cut 50DY is designed to cut metal sheets as thick as 1 inch, so cutting 3/4” sheets is a piece of cake. Compared to others in its class, this one packs more cutting power. 

Cooling and Ventilation System 

Plasma cutters are notorious heat generators, and Ramsond Cut 50DY is not an exception. But don’t fret, because this one has an effective German cooling system on top of its side vents to keep your unit from overheating. This cooling system keeps the motor running fine even at the upper limits of the unit’s operational capability. Thus, you can complete your work without interruptions caused by worrisome overheating issues. 

Easy Maintenance 

Every now and then, you will have to do maintenance checks and tune-ups. While some plasma cutters are hard to tear apart, this one has sturdy but lightweight steel shell covering that can be removed easily. 

Ramsond CUT50DY Plasma

Value for Money

The Ramsond CUT 50DY is considered to be very high quality for its particular price point, because it has all the features that top plasma cutters have at a lower price. It also comes with a 1 year warranty giving you complete peace of mind. Although there may be cheaper options out there the quality of this machine and its versatility put it in the excellent value range.

State-of-the-art Inverter 

Ramsond 50DY is essentially a high frequency inverter plasma cutter, but it’s not one of those cheap inverter plasma cutters. This one is equipped with the latest inverter tech. That’s just a fancy way of saying it can cut metal sheets quickly. Toshiba endowed this powerful unit with its V-MOSFET technology that bestows Ramsond its high-frequency cutting feat.  In addition, the so-called Pulse Width Modulation makes for accurate and consistent current flowing through the torch. 


A lot of plasma cutters claim versatility, but a truly versatile machine can cut through a wide variety of metals. Ramsond 50DY can cut aluminum, different types of steel (including stainless steel and carbon steel), brass, copper, and various alloys. 

Perfect Edge Cutting 

Many plasma cutters leave slag on the edges of the cut. Slag calls for tenacious cleanup, adding more work time and reducing efficiency. Ramsond plasma cutter does away with these problems by ensuring perfectly clean cuts. Thanks to its V-MOSFET transistors and its ability to use up to 50 amps to ensure accurate and consistent flow of current and to its PWM technology, which allows for uniform cuts. 


Ramsond CUT 50DY isn’t perfect. For example, it could be better if the pressure gauge was a digital meter, instead of an analog meter. But that’s not really a big deal, especially considering what this unit can do. V-MOSFET, PWM, and HF inverter tech give this machine the powerful yet precise punch that’s hard to see on other models. It’s easy to use. It’s versatile. It’s compact and portable. It’s hard not to recommend this plasma cutter. 

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