Reasons To Consider Stick Welding Over Other Process

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Stick welding is the most economical welding method which creates an effective bond on rusty or dirty metals. It is the process of joining or welding alloys or joints. The method has been the most popular for years for welders mostly used in the home and shop.

It is also called Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) and it is the most used method worldwide. The significant is numerous from other welding methods like TIG and MIG. Stick welding does not require expensive or gigantic equipment. They generate their own shielding gas, which means you don’t have to go around with cylinders of shielding gas.

Stick welding can be used outside even if it is windy or raining without having any issue compared to other methods. It is as well flexible in a way that you switch from one type to the other if you want to weld a different material, all you need is to change the type of electrode you are using, unlike MIG welding that you have to change the gas.

Meanwhile, stick welding also has its advantages compared to other methods, this process is slow and any welder using this method has to be well experienced and skilled in stick welding. Using it weld thin metals is difficult, the best thing is taht you should not try using it for it. You have to be changing the welding rods frequently compared to other methods of welding.

In essence, there is no process that does not have its flaws, all you just need as a welder is to look out for the best and the one that suits you.



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