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One of the most important pieces of welding PPE is a welding jacket. If you’re not wearing one while you’re welding, you’re putting yourself at risk of getting cuts and burns.

Welding jackets come in two types, depending on the material they’re made of: leather and cotton. In general, cotton jackets are good for light welding and are more comfortable, but leather provides more protection in intense welding operations.

Without further ado, let’s look at some of the best welding jackets we have seen.

Great Value for Money – QeeLink Split Cowhide Welding Jacket

It’s hard to find quality welding jackets made of fire-resistant cowhide that’s not so expensive. However, the QeeLink jacket makes it possible for you to have the benefits of fireproof leather without making you spend too much. This jacket protects you when you’re doing the most hazardous types of welding. Thanks to its cleverly designed collar that can be turned up to cover your neck — a simple yet handy feature when you’re doing overhead welding.

The Kevlar stitching provides added strength to the material, so this jacket is as durable as it gets. Then again, the more durable the welding jacket, the thicker it is and possibly the warmer it feels. Most leather jackets like this one easily feel warm. But for its price and functionality, it’s hard to look elsewhere.

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QeeLink Split Cowhide Welding Jacket

  • Heat & Flame-Resistant
  • 4 Tool Pockets
  • Adjustable Neck, Cuffs & Waist

Versatile – Lincoln Electric Welding Jacket

Another jacket worthy to be mentioned is the Lincoln Brown Leather Jacket. This isn’t the least expensive jacket out there, but for its quality, you really get the best bang for your buck. It’s hard to find anything better than this for its price.

The sheer balance between comfort, durability, and protection is hard to beat. Hence, it easily takes the spot of the all-round leather jacket for welding. Its flip-up collar has adhesive straps, hence protecting your neck more effectively. It’s still made of leather, so it’s thick as a leather welding jacket is supposed to be.

This jacket is well designed to protect your arms and torso from welding spatter and is made from flame-resistant leather. It also features triple needle stitching for added resistance to fraying.

Lincoln Brown Leather Welding Jacket

welding jacket example
  • Flame-resistant leather
  • Flip up collar for neck protection
  • Large interior procket
  • Triple needle stitching on the seams to prevent fraying

The Toughest Welding Jacket – Lincoln Electric Heavy Duty Leather Welding Jacket

This is the protective suit to wear for high amperage welding. Made from heavy weight split cowhide, it’s probably the most reliable welding jacket you can buy. Part of its ergonomic design is the flexible sleeves that allow you to weld in difficult positions.

More importantly, this jacket affords you superior protection for overhead welding. Also, thanks to the layers of leather, fabric, and velcro under the front buttons, you can be sure no random spark will get underneath your jacket.

This heavy duty leather jacket is made to keep you comfortable in a few ways. The back is made of flame-resistant but breathable cotton, which allows airflow and keeps you from sweltering. The collar and cuffs are also adjustable. Overall, this is a heavy duty jacket that’s designed to be comfortable.

Lincoln Heavy Duty Welding Jacket

Best Cotton Welding Jacket – Lincoln Electric Premium Cotton Jacket

Cotton is a great alternative to leather, especially when comfort is more important than anything else. In many situations, you don’t really need a leather jacket. In these cases, the Lincoln cotton jacket serves the purpose — keep you safe and comfortable while welding. It’s made from high quality flame-resistant material, but what’s more interesting is its anti-mildew and anti-static coating. Moreover, this jacket is made to withstand 50 washes. With its multi-layered seams, this jacket is hard to tear. This is as durable as a cotton welding jacket can get.

Like any cotton jacket for welding, this one is made for light welding operations. If you’re doing TIG or some light MIG welding, this is one is a great option, as a leather jacket would be an overkill. The flip-up collar keeps your neck safe from stray sparks. It’s a bit pricier than other FR cotton jackets, but you’re saving money in the long run because it is durable and long lasting.

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Lincoln Premium FR Cotton Welding Jacket

Affordable Cotton Welding Jacket – Black Stallion BSX FR Black and Blue Flames Welding Jacket

This great looking 9-0z FR cotton jacket comes from a company that’s known for its safety gear for welders. This Black Stallion cotton welding jacket has everything you need for a flame-resistant jacket. But its cool design is one of its main selling point.

It features a flip up collar for added protection and adjustable cuff and waist straps. It also has two internal pockets for your convenience.

Black Stallion BSX FR Welding Coat

  • Lightweight cotton material
  • Protective welder’s collar
  • Adjustable cutt and waist straps


Hybrid Cotton and Leather – Black Stallion FR and Cowhide Coat

Who said you can’t have both cotton and leather in one jacket? This hybrid Black Stallion jacket proves it can be done. The front of the jacket is made of breathable FR cotton, while the sleeves are made of thick cowhide.

It’s a smart design, considering our hands and forearms are more prone to being hit by sparks and spatter. Then again the front material makes it less suitable for high amperage welding or out of position welding. But if you just want the arm protection, this is a good investment.

The cotton on this jacket is breathable, and is flame-resistant thereby still providing some level of protection to the body. Your heavy duty leather sleeves will shield your arms from sparks and splatter however this jacket is a balance between comfort and protection.

Black Stallion Hybrid Welding Coat

High Definition Precision Plasma Cutting
  • Flame-resistant cotton body
  • Heavy leather sleeves
  • Two scribe pockets
  • Stand-up welder’s collar
  • 9 oz. 


Eventually, the best welding jacket depends on you, your needs, and the kind of welding you do. Welders usually own more than one type of jacket. The featured products in this article have the best reviews, so you can’t go wrong with any of them as long as you wear them for the right situation. 

What Are Welding Jackets Made Of?

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