Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 42 Plasma Cutter Review

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The Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 42 Plasma Cutter is a type of system for increasing power from low to high as well as affordable and it has a high quality of cutting capacity plasma system.

Thermal Dynamics 1-4200: Cutmaster 42 Plasma System, SL40 Torch, 75 Deg Head, 15 ft Leads, 120/230V

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Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 42 Plasma Cutter is built to cut through a different type of electrically conductive material ( such as aluminum, brass, copper, and steel) with the use of a dispatched stream of high-temperature  also carry heavy-duty straight cutting torches that can be used with all industrial fuel gases

In addition, it has a superior quality that increases the cutting power for plasma cutting, the Plasma Cutter has the special power to bring out 27amps of plasma cutting on 120volt input and then comes up to 40amps of cutting power when operating on 230volt input power.

The Plasma Cutter can easily be operated with a considerably smaller compressor that is, it will be lightweight to carry around and full compatibility with 120v. 

Furthermore, the Thermal  Dynamics Cutter 42 Plasma Cutter has the full plasma cutting strength and ability to cut all day and its recommended cutting capacity but you get that extra cutting punch when you need it, it has an item weight of 26.0 pounds, when you get to use Thermal Dynamics Cutter 42 Plasma, you don’t have to worry about choosing the right system. 

The plasma systems or cutters are available in 100 to 400amp output for cutting, their execution will hit anyone on mild steel, and they are the best on non-fatal metals.


  1. It has 75 Deg Head, 15 ft Leads, 120/230v.
  2. Dependable –  it is a product you can rely on 
  3. It has a higher and better productivity
  4. Best Efficiency
  5. Safety gloves and glasses
  6. Power plug adapter 

The plasma Cutter machine requires a generator that can produce 3800 watts. The Cutmaster 42 will not work very well at a reduced output. The Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 42 can be drag cut, if you actually want to work on plasma out in the field to do mobile jobs then I suggest you get a bigger generator to run the Cutmaster 42 you will be needing a 4000-watt generator.

The Plasma Cutter true series is good for DIY’ers, auto, and marine repair, roofing construction, HVAC cutting, light fabrication, and trade school use.

The plasma systems have a quick-disconnect torch and lead extension, and a built-in compressor, Cutmaster is lightweight and portable which easily cut up to 5/8 when needed. It is just the most affordable plasma cutters you can get, it’s like having the power supply of two machines in one.

Thermal Dynamics 1-4200: Cutmaster 42 Plasma System, SL40 Torch, 75 Deg Head, 15 ft Leads, 120/230V

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Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 42 Plasma Cutter Specification 

  • Output power (kW) 3.8
  • Weight lbs (kg) 26 (11.8)
  • Air pressure psi (bar) 75 (5.2)
  • Warranty (unity/Torch) Parts and Labour 4/1
  • Amperage Draw 29A @ 120V 15A @  230V
  • Torch Model SL40
  • Recommended Cut Inches (mm) 0.250 (6)
  • Pierce Rating Inches (mm) 0.250 (6)
  • Flow Cfm (Ipm) 3.2 (91)
  • Max Cut Inches (mm) 0.625
  • Duty Cycle (@40C) 40% @ 40A
  • Max Amperage Output (Amps) 27 @ 120V 40@ 230V
  • Dimensions (H x W x L0 Inches (mm) 9 x 7 x 18.5 (228 x 117 x470) 

Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 42 Plasma Cutter true series is as good as many expensive models and is very available for the home shop, and workshop, it is easy to use, very light and portable, it has the ability to cut very clean on the lighter gauge material.

The Plasma Cutter does not come with air filter, the plasma torch is cheap, the stiff ground cable and does not have a twist-lock to remove from machine.

In addition, the plasma system unit is considerably durable and has a 4 years warranty that is unique, it gives you peace of mind that you are sure of using it for at least four years. You can get the Cutter at an amazing price, and the cutter gives a good performance.

Furthermore, if you are using a Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 42 Plasma Cutter and the speed is too fast it might turn off the light while running it or if you are cutting through a thick material this might also affect the light too. Remember if you are working on Cutmaster 42 on 120V you will have only half of its rated output. And the maximum rated output of 5/8 will only be 5/16 when the unit is running on 120V.


  1. The cutmaster 42 is easy to transport and protect for unmatched durability.
  2. The plasma system storage cavity for convenient access to spare parts and consumables.
  3. Its weight is light and designed for maximum portability.
  4. The autopilot restart feature instantly reignites the pilot arc while cutting expanded metals.
  5. The front panel LEDs indicate status conditions for maximum efficiency.
  6. Versatile torch makes it convenient to add lead extensions or changed to a machine torch.

The Cutmaster 42 plasma Cutter assures maximum operator confidence and error-free use from setting up to clean up, the cutter has the ability to cut up to 1/4 inch with ease and up to 5/8 inch when needed.

The essence of plasma cutters is that it eradicates the aspect of having a machine that can cut power larger than what we actually need. It allows you to have access to true cutting performance and allows you to cut all day as it recommended capacity says.

Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 42 Plasma Cutter is among the highest quality and cutting tools in the market. It offers better value as you will basically receive two cutting machines for the price of one. Featuring with the input of 120 – 230V, the tool has an output of 27A at 120 – 20 volts. Switching to 230 volts, you will get 40A cutting power. At 120, the thermal dynamics offers cutting capacity ¼ inch, whereas at 230V the tool has a piercing capacity of 5/8 


  1. Auto Body/Marine Repair
  2. Rental Fleets 
  3. Home shop 
  4. Metal Building & Roofing Construction
  5. Plumbing & HVAC

Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 42 Plasma Cutter has a shipping carton dimension of this measure L 24 1/2 x W 13 1/4 x H 18. The shipping weight is 56.5 lbs. Moreso, the cutter did not come with an air filter kit, in that case, it is necessary to buy one for use, the air filter kit will help filter out moisture and contaminants that can shorten up tip and consumable life and help prevent internal problems.

Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 42 Plasma Cutter is cost-saving and durable. The tool is priced for the ¼ inch market, but it delivers the cutting capacity of 5/8 inch, this makes it cost saving to end-user. 

The plasma cutters unit cuts circles and oddball shapes a lot easier.  The thermal dynamics provide plenty of cutting power for most hobbyist light industrial use. It has 40 amp units and is capable of cutting up to 3/8 thick mild steel. At just 19Ibs. It is easy to carry over the shoulder and has the power of two machines in one.


  1. Automotive Bodies 
  2. Light Fabrication
  3. Repair and Maintenance
  4. Hobbyist 
  5. HVAC 
  6. Agricultura

Product Specifications

Product Dimension18.5″ X 7″ X 9″ (L x W x H)
Product Weight26 lbs
Input AC Voltage120 – 230V
Input (Amps)15 to 29
Output DC Amps (Max)40
Cutting Thickness1/4 – 5/8 in. (6 – 15 mm) at 120V

3/8 – 3/4 in. (9.5 – 20 mm) at 230V

Duty Cycle40% @ 40 A
Maximum Pierce9.5 mm
Recommended gas inlet flow rate/pressureAir @ 91 l/min (3.2 cfm) @ 75 psi
Output Ratings27 to 40 A ( 120V – 230V )
Cable Length (Ft.)15


The Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 42 Plasma Cutter is easy to use and it budget-friendly, if you want to purchase a new plasma cutter, this cutter is the best cutter you might want to buy. The Plasma Cutter with 15 foot SL40 Torch 1 – 4200 will work effectively with expanded metal, this cutter doesn’t have gouge capability apart from the air filter kit that didn’t come with the plasma cutter, it comes with other accessories and it is rights reserved.

Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 42 Plasma Cutter cannot be used on a plasma table, in a situation where you want to make use of a pancake Compressor it actually requires an air compressor that is capable of producing  3.2 CFM at 75PSI. If the pancake compressor can produce this output then it should be able to support the Cutmaster.  

The Plasma Cutter uses a pilot arc that provides better visibility when starting the cut and easier starts, also with no high frequency used to start you make use of it in a work environment without affecting the other electronic equipment.

Moreso, Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 42 Plasma Cutter can be used to make precision cuts especially on thin gauge material using the 20 amp tips.

In a situation whereby an air dryer is needed the type and size dryer that is needed will depend on the environment that it will be used if you reside in a dry area of the country you can use some of the less expensive dryers but if you reside in humid area the more expensive dryers would be a better choice. Thermal Dynamics Plasma Air Filter Kit 7 – 7507 is a good choice to use with this machine.

There are sometimes that the plasma system torch keeps turning off while cutting, which means it is either the cutting speed is too fast or you are trying to cut thick material. A circle cutting guide is always available for use, the Thermal Dynamics Radius /Roller Guide Kit 7 – 7501 can be used with the Cutmaster, however, a Cutmaster bushing will be needed.


Thermal Dynamics 1-4200: Cutmaster 42 Plasma System, SL40 Torch, 75 Deg Head, 15 ft Leads, 120/230VClick Here To Check Price On Amazon

The Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 42 Plasma Cutter will cut approximately 18’ per minute on 1/4 steel. The Cutmaster 42 comes with a 15ft torch and leads. So the Cutter requires an extension cord such as the Direct Wire Extension Cord with 230Volt, 25’ or 50’ 8/3 that appears on the site.

The plasma cutter comes with a standard heavy-duty carrying case plus a limited time soft case,  the cutter does not need a high frequency to come up.

In conclusion, The Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 42 Plasma Cutter is designed to deliver its true cut capacity. With this product, the plan of recommended cut capacity does not longer exist. 

There is no question that buying a product lower incapacity or higher in capacity than what you needed. Owing these thermal dynamics means getting machines at the same time with just the only amount you can use to get one.

Moreover, there are different plasma cutters in the market but if you buy this particular product, there is a high tendency of using it for many years because it comes with a 4 years warranty which gives you the assurance that your product will be effective for 4 years. Also, it is very affordable and it incorporates Vent2Shield (V2S) technology, In addition, Cutmaster includes gloves, glasses and an SL40 Plasma torch.  

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