Should I Get A Multi-Process Welder?

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Multi-process welding machines are single welding machines that can carry out multiple welding processes. That is to say that if a single machine can carry out more than one welding process, it is a multi-process welding machine. Such machines often combine various types of welding machines in one while some even add a plasma cutter into the mix. Generally, multi-process welders have pros and cons, as every existing thing does. In this post, we will be considering if you should get a multi-process welding machine.

You Should Get A Multi-Process Welding Machine If:

  • You do not have a lot of space- Multi-process welding machines are one of the best ways to save space. Having three machines in one is a great way to save space, at most a multi-process machine will be 150% of the size of a single machine. This means that a multi-process machine offering three processes could stay in half the space three machines would have.
  • You are on a budget- These machines are a great way to save money. Although they are a bit more expensive than a single machine, it is only expected. Get a multi-process machine if you are on a budget. You will able to save a lot.
  • You perform multi-welding processes- If you perform multiple processes these machines could be a great asset. They will give you all you need in a single machine.
  • You do not have a lot of electrical outlets- If you do not have a lot of electrical outlets, you should get a multi-process welding machine. On outlet can power one machine that performs multiple processes.
  • You move a lot- If you move a lot, that is, if you weld on-site, a multi-process welding machine should be part of your tools. Moving a single machine is much easier than multiple ones.


A multi-process welding machine is no doubt an asset. However, if you pick a weak one, you will end up wasting money. Be sure to get one of the best multi-process welders available.

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