Welding Shirts- A Necessity Or An Unnecessary Expense

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Companies that produce protective welding clothing are always quick to recommend welding apparel such as welding shirts and the likes. This causes people to wonder if truly these protective apparels are as important as they claim them to be. Or are their importance just exaggerated to make gains?

Welding shirts are shirts created with material that protect the upper body [from the neck, to the arms, and down to the mid-thighs from heat, sparks, and spatters. 500,000 workers are injured every year from welding incidents. These statistics come from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The most common injuries are burns all around the burns from fire or sparks around flammable materials, burns from ultraviolet rays [UV rays], and even injuries to the eyes. Some other common injuries are burns on the hands and arms from sparks and spatters. Due to these, the Occupational Safety and Health Administrations have put a lot of strict regulations on welders. Some of these regulations lay emphasis on welding shirts as they protect against-

  • Protect the arms from heat and spatter
  • Allow ventilation through inbuilt vents
  • Burns are they are fire-resistant
  • Odor and sweaty-smells. Some of these shirts are built with anti-odor material.

Welding shirts are proven to offer all these protections and more. It is quite safe to say that they are a necessity. Welding shirts along with welding gloves, helmets, and respirators are some extremely important protective gears welders must wear.

  • If you have decided to pick out a welding shirt, it must-
  • Have flame-resistant features
  • Have sleeve vents to allow air to enter and cool the heat down
  • Be durable and not wear out after a few washes.

In summary, welding shirts are an extreme necessity. Here are some of the best welding shirts available.

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