What Are Welding Shirts Made Of?

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A welding job is a very dangerous working, one has to be careful when doing this harmful activity because you are dealing with harmful fumes and gases from welded materials and this can lead to various types of an accident such as fire injuries, burns, and heating equipment.

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To do a welding job, make sure you are fully armed with appropriate clothing and accessories before you begin your welding job to avoid being injured while doing your job. One of the safety precautions to take is to wear good protective cloth such as a welding shirt or jacket. Welding shirts are personal protective equipment (PPE) that shields welders from metal splatter and high heat by the use of fire resistant insulating materials. Welding shirts protect welders from the unfavorable danger of welding.

Welding shirts are made up of fire resistant and durable fabrics that can offer safety from abrasion and electrical resistance. The shirts are enhanced like other clothing and it contains metal foil liner. The most common welding shirts are long sleeves leather fabrics that can easily protect the arms. 

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One of the things you should note when welding is that, when welding make sure you wear clothing made from heavyweight, tightly woven, 100% wool or cotton to protect you from UV radiation, hot metal, sparks, and flames. Your cloth must be kept clean and free from oil and combustible contaminants, it must be dark-colored because dark color cloths prevent light reflection.

You most consider avoiding synthetic materials when you are looking for a good welding shirt. Synthetic materials are made from nylon or polyester and this can burn easily when burn it will turn into a liquid-like substance and this can stick to your skin causing skin burn. The best cloth to wear when doing your welding job is a heavy cloth such as leather, wool, denim or 100%cotton.

Lastly, welding shirts are meant to protect you from n from any danger that may occur when doing your work. Make sure you get a good welding shirt that is made of 100% leather or denim for better and easy protection. Cotton made shirts can get burnt as time goes on so it is not 100% advisable, reliable, and recommended.

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