What Shade Do You Use For Arc Welding?

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The arc’s reflection of walls, screens, piled steel, welding equipment, and other surfaces will make your eyes look for rays. You may not see it, but if the rays touch your eyes, you will probably burn the arc.

Arc welding is a process used commonly for connecting light metals and high alloy steels with a variety of hazards such as other forms of TIG welding. 

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A safe working environment can be given if adequate precautions are taken. Arc soldering involves a range of risks, including smoke, air, fumes, compressed gas tank, hazardous radiation, high temperature, and electric shock. 

Such risks can result in injuries before, during or after the welding process. In the long term, workplace conditions can contribute particularly to the breathing of dust, pollution, smoke or harmful rays of the body. The study and safety measures in this paper are the physical and chemical hazards that may occur during the TIG soldering process.

Please note that you still have to wear the safety glasses under a hood when you are welding.  The welding lens shade should provide the necessary shielding against the harmful UV rays caused by the welding arc if appropriate to the type of welding carried out. 

But it can cost you no safety glasses if waste goes into your helmet.  You can always within your helmet by swelling from your arc or your co-workers’ arc.  Protect your eyes with safety glasses by always welding.

Shades are counted to 14, and the appropriate shade depends on the particular task. Shielded metal arc welding, for instance, requires a Shade seven and Shade 14 depending on the size of the electrode and the temperature of the arc.

Shade 3 to Shade 8 depending on the thickness of the plate is needed for gas soldering and oxygen cutting operations. In the case of torch brazing and torch soldering, the lower colors are added.

The material of the postal services is the care and use of compressed gas containers, the ARC welding machine health guidelines on safety in the workplace, security safeguards and precautions for occupational diseases.

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