What Shade Is Good For Welding

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Welding is a kind of work that really needs adequate protection for who so ever is in the line of the job because of the hazard involved in it. There is certain equipment that is available for any welder to prevents been injured every time especially the eye and there is saying that goes thus; the eye they say is the mirror of the body so you have to protect in every way. 

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In this particular write up, we will be talking about the shade to use for welding for welders and shades can as well be in different forms that is the goggles or the helmets. From our research, the good shade you should use in protecting your eye should be between shade 10 to shade 13. Moreover, the higher the number the darker the shade will be because a lower shade will let in light into the lens.

Another factor to consider is that the more the electric current you are using the darker the shade you need have to protect your eye.

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