What You Should Know Before Buying A Multi-Process Welder

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Before buying a multi-process welder, there are some things you must know. In this post, we will be looking at several of those things.

What Is A Multi-Process Welding Machine?

Multi-process welding machines are single welding machines that can carry out multiple welding processes. This means that if a single machine can perform more than a single welding process such as TIG, STICK, MIG, plasma cutting, etc, it is a multi-process welding machine. Multi-process welding machines are a favorite among welders not only because of their many advantages. They save a welder time which would have been spent transferring the material from one machine to another. Such machines often combine various types of welding machines in one while some even add a plasma cutter.

Things You Should Know Before Buying A Multi-Process Welder

  • They are a great asset- The pros of welding machines by far outweigh the cos. They save money, time, energy, and space. Multi-process machines are no doubt an asset.
  • They are heavy- Multi-process machines weight a lot. However, when you consider that it is multiple machines in one, it is very understandable.
  • Cheap ones are a waste of money- It shows a lack of experience when a welder wants a machine that performs multiple processes but is not ready to spend well above the price of one. If you buy a cheap welding machine, not only will they spoil before you can get any good use out of them, they will not even do whatever little of work they manage to do properly. If you are not ready to spend on a good welding machine, do not buy one at all.
  • Improper handling can damage your machine- If you do not learn how to maintain your multi-process welder, you will not get your money’s worth out of it.
  • Not every multi-process machine is a good one- The fact that a multi-process welding machine is extremely expensive doesn’t mean you should buy it. Before you decide on a multi-process welding machine, go through the reviews. Here, we have rounded up some of the best multi-process welders

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