What You Should Not Do While Welding

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Extreme temperature is required during welding, hot enough to cut through metal or connect two or more pieces of metal together. This extreme temperature may create a unique set of hazards that many workers need to be aware of, as welding with no prior experience or education may place you at risk of very serious injury. Here is a list of things that should never be done while welding.

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Welding in a less ventilated area.

One crucial fact during welding is that chemical reaction occurs every time plasma Arc is placed on metallic objects or surface, which release a lot of times into the surrounding atmosphere which may be noxious or very toxic fumes depending on the type of metal used. This is part of the reason why it is very important to weld in a well-ventilated area or surrounding as it may increase the risk of breathing in toxic fumes and all, including metal fittings.

No preheating!

This is very dangerous- not preheating when welding. It is a major deterrent against cracking and you can imagine how frustrating it can be trying to weld an object, only for it to crack again. This scenario kills all forms of vibe during welding if preheating is not done. It can be done easily before you attempt to weld.

Lack of appropriate safety wears and gears 

All profession has its appropriate safety wears and also is welding. Not wearing or avoiding the use of appropriate safety wears is also very bad. Some persons thought has the mindset that safety gears slow them down, even though mobility can be restricted a bit, it can be your best lifesaver. Imagine welding without a welding helmet with a fitted lens – that’s suicidal. Safety gears in the welding helmet include a fitted lens, welding gloves, welding jacket, leather apron, and thick leather boots.

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Lack of arc welder maintenance

Workers are generally guilty if there is no proper cleaning or proper maintenance of their device because welding Arc gathers a lot of dust and dirt over its usage. This is to keep the device in good, optimal condition as it should be cleaned on a regular basis.

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