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Who makes everlast welders

Everlast has become synonymous with value for money. This brand has built a good name in the welding industry by making remarkable products with amazing specifications at affordable prices. Those who are looking for alternatives to Chinese-made machines may look at the Everlast lineup. If you’re one of them, consider that while you may be spending a bit more than the cheapest units on the market, you’re getting more guarantee when you’re buying products whose quality is tested and proven.

There’s no question that Everlast is one of the most popular brands among welders. Whether you’re a professional welder working in a big metal fabrication company or a hobbyist doing small projects on weekends, you most likely have heard of this brand or even used one of their machines. Everlast is known for its light and portable welders. It surely won’t break the bank or your back.

Company Overview

Compared to other brands on the market, Everlast is fairly new. The generator and welder company was founded in 2004. In that year, its business only operated as an online retailer. Product manufacturing was done offshore. This allowed the company to sell generators and welders at lower prices. It then became a household brand with its lineup of affordable machines that cater to beginners and hobbyists.

The company struggled with some bad reviews for a while. It could be due to its outsourcing model, which affects how the company delivers its services to its customers. Nonetheless, it manages to keep terrible reviews at bay by offering its buyers a 30-day return policy. So if products don’t meet expectations, they can be returned within a month. This is one of the most consumer-friendly warranties on the market, and quite frankly, it allowed the company to boost its reputation and gain the trust of its customers.

With its expanding consumer base, it’s also seeing expansion of its operations. Over the last decade, the company has been improving its product design as well as its service. Even though the manufacturing remains in China, its headquarters in California remains to have direct control on the manufacturing process. Most, if not all, welding equipment manufacturers outsource at least a part of the manufacturing process overseas. This is no longer an issue. 

Right now, Everlast distributes products to 6 continents. That has been part of its vision. The company provides solutions for any type of welder (1). 

Everlast Welders: Are they good?

Everlast is known for its multi-process welders. Even the single-process machines are capable of at least two functions. For instance, the PowerArc welders can do TIG and stick. They also have dual voltage features. These inverter machines are versatile, which means they can do a lot of things.

Everlast welders cost anywhere from $250 to $1500. Across this price range, you can have entry-level machines or feature-rich industrial welders. In other words, this brand can offer you the right machine based on your needs and skill level.  

However, the grueling question is whether these welders are worth your money. The answer, of course, is yes. Whether you’re into budget welders, mid-range machines, or flagship models, you won’t be disappointed. One thing you’ll notice is the units do as their specifications say. So there are no false labels and no deceptive marketing gimmicks. When an Everlast welder says it has 60% duty cycle at 200 amps, that means it has 60% duty cycle at 200 amps.

If you’re worried about the legitimacy of these products, keep in mind that all Everlast machines are registered and trademarked. In fact, the exterior design alone tells you so much deliberation was done for these machines that they don’t look like cheap rip-offs of models from top brands you know. The brand has a distinct look. The specifications and features are also different from the competition.

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Everlast PowerMIG 200 MIG/Stick Multi-Process Welder

Affordable Quality

Everlast creates machines that you want at reasonable prices. It has its own manufacturing facilities. Unlike its competitors that also offer inexpensive welders and plasma cutters, it doesn’t rely on third-party factories that operate offshore. Although the brand is not yet as well established as Miller, Hobart, or Lincoln, it is becoming more popular. Magazines and websites feature its machines.

A good example of Everlast’s commitment to providing quality products is the PowerMIG 200, which is essentially a stick welder that can also do MIG and flux core welding. It comes with a 10-foot Series 15 MIG gun and an Ar/CO2 regulator. The package also includes a spare consumable starter kit. This machine is for home and garage tasks. The automatic pre- and post-flow capability makes it great for beginners who shouldn’t have to worry about weld puddle contamination while they’re still learning.

On the other hand, the PowerTIG 255 is a dual voltage TIG welder that can also do stick welding. It operates on 120V or 240V, so you can plug this machine into any power source. It has good pulse frequency ranges for DC and AC modes. That means you can weld on thin materials as well as thick materials without any issues. Plus, the 60% duty cycle even at 250 amps is just impressive.


Overall, Everlast welders are made by Everlast Power Products Inc., which is a rising name in the metal fabrication industry. Despite being a relatively newcomer in the game, it has generated traction by manufacturing welders that function well and feature capabilities that eclipse those of the competition. If you’re worried about buying an Everlast welding machine, don’t be. You’re hardly ever making a mistake with any of their products.

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