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Who makes lotos welders

Everyone in the metal fabrication industry agrees that equipment matters. The quality of your welds does not just depend on how skilled you are but also on the performance of the welding machine that you are using. Most of the welders out there can do light to moderate welding operations. Heavy-duty work is best left to industrial machines that are capable of long hours of daily operation. Nonetheless, some brands produce welders and plasma cutters that can do both light and heavy-duty operations.

Welding is an evolving art and science. Technology changes a bit every now and then. New methods have emerged. More welders are being introduced to the market, giving beginners, hobbyists, DIYers, and professionals more options. One brand that has been making its way into the conversations among welders is Lotos. It’s a relatively new brand, just 14 years old, but it has established a good reputation (1). 

Lotos Technology

Lotos Technology began operating in 2007 in Sunnyvale, California. Despite its relative newness in the industry, it has produced some of the most remarkable welders and plasma cutters. In fact, Lotos Technology has been supplying welding and cutting equipment to small businesses and DIYers since its inception. Its products have gained good consideration among different types of people in the industry, most likely because of their affordable price and their appeal to average consumers. Nonetheless, Lotos welders and plasma cutters appeal well to DIYers. 

Although Lotos Technology makes welders, it’s better known for its plasma cutters, which come with MOSFET-based inverters and pulse width modulation. These machines can deliver smooth and precise cuts that are unexpected for plasma cutters in their price range. These plasma cutters can cut different kinds of materials, including stainless steel, alloy steel, aluminium, and brass.  

Lotos welders and plasma cutters are not only affordable and portable but also powerful. These machines should be able to handle light to moderate work. For the market these products are intended, they work fantastically. Both professionals and DIY buyers find Lotos machines substantial for their projects. This takes us to the next topic.

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Lotos LT5000D 50A Plasma Cutter

Are Lotos Welders Worth Buying?

Two reasons you may want to check out Lotos welders are reliability and efficiency. When a welder is reliable, it does what it says it will do. Some inexpensive welders claim they can join thick metals together and then let down their buyers. That’s not the case with this brand. 

Lotos is known for its efficient line of welders and cutters. These tools perform tasks without using up as much energy as the competition. Thanks to their HF inverter technology. Add the IGBT technology, and you have versatile welders that can handle small tasks as well as demanding ones. 

Lotos Technology ensures customer satisfaction by manufacturing machines with user-friendly features, easy-to-use controls, and durable build. What’s understated is the money-back guarantee and one-year warranty, which gives us a glimpse into how confident the company is in the quality of its products.

One notable thing about Lotos welders is they come with wire cables, shielding masks, and other accessories. Some units also come with foot pedals, gas hoses, air regulators, and spool guns. 

Lotos TIG 200

We can’t talk about Lotos welders and ignore the TIG200, which is probably the best welder Lotos Technology has to offer to date. It’s a reliable machine for anyone who values precision more than anything else. Needless to say, it’s a user-friendly tool, so beginners, as well as professionals, find it easy, if not fun, to use. This is essentially a TIG welder that can also do stick welding, and one of the more affordable TIG welders on the market that can deliver industrial-quality welds. While it’s not the cheapest, it certainly isn’t the most expensive — but it has features of its more expensive counterparts from other brands. 

This dual voltage machine is robust. It’s only 58 pounds, not exactly the lightest TIG/stick welder, but certainly light enough for anyone to carry around. It’s only 28x13x17 inches, so it’s not bulky either, which is a good thing for people with small storage spaces.

The control panel is designed for ease. The controls allow easy adjustments. You won’t be looking for dials. There’s no chance you’d turn the wrong knob. 

Lotos TIG200 is also a dual frequency machine that can operate at either 50Hz or 60Hz on either 110 or 220 volts. Beginners need not worry about making voltage adjustments. The welder automatically detects voltage output of the power source and makes the adjustment accordingly. 

This AC/DC welder has a good amperage range for both TIG and stick. You can TIG weld at 10 amps or at 200 amps and anywhere in between. Stick welding amperage range is from 30 to 200. That means it can weld both thin sheets as well as work pieces up to ⅜” thick. What’s remarkable is how precise the welds are,the kind of precision one needs when welding aluminium. Thanks to its square wave inverter technology. This welder works really well with alloy steel, stainless steel, and copper. 

The unit package includes hand torch and foot pedal. Some inexpensive TIG welders don’t include the pedal, the absence of which is a real bummer. 


It’s hard to say anything negative about Lotos Technology, the company that brought us some of the most affordable yet fantastic welders and plasma cutters. It’s possibly the most reliable Chinese brand whose products have awesome reviews in general. Not to mention, the consumables for the machines are cheap. 

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