Why Do I Need A Welding Respirator?

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A welding respirator is a protective piece of equipment welders make use of. Welding respirators usually cover the nose and mouth. Although there are various types, they all have the same aim. Welding respirators are designed to protect you from inhaling dangerous gasses such as smoke and other dangerous things such as fumes, dust, and even particles that can get into your nose.

Some welding respirators merely cover the nose while other more advanced ones focus on not only covering the nose but also filter the air. The filtration process erases dust, smoke, dangerous fumes and gasses, and other things. Some even give the user purified air to breathe.

Why Do I Need A Welding Respirator?

Welding respirators are one of the most vital pieces of equipment a welder can wear. In fact, other people whose jobs expose them to dangerous fumes and the likes such as miners, wear these respirators to ensure that they do not consume dangerous gasses.

Realize that if you weld without a respirator, you are exposing yourself unnecessarily to fumes and gasses that will definitely affect your health as you age. Your lungs and your respiratory system at large are the primary reasons you should wear a respirator.

Also, realize that theses welding respirators protect your nose from inhaling solid as well as smooth particles of oxides that come from the metal you are working on.

Depending on the type of metal you weld, you could be exposed to carbon monoxide, ozone, and even nitrogen. Welding without a respirator can cause long term issues that can even lead to death. Realize that plenty of people who were welders in their younger days have died prematurely as a result of these fumes. Like most deadly things the effects do not show immediately, rather they wait till they are fatal.

In order to save your life and your health, wear a welding respirator the next time you weld. Check out some of the best welding respirators available.

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