Why Should You Wear Dark Clothing While Welding

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Welding produces an arc that is effectively hotter than the photosphere of the sun. It contains more ultraviolet more than sunlight. Welding creates dangerous fume that is hazardous to the health so keeping our workplace safe is all welders priority, dark clothes are required to be worn by all welders, a dark clothing is the best option when we talk about welding because it reduces the ray of light when working under the sun or the ray of light from the welding flame. Do not wear clothes that are made from a polyester material they might melt and stick to your skin and this can cause skin burn.

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When choosing your welding cloth, always get a fire resistant materials. Bright or light clothes reflect the fire flame back into the body or eyes and it is harmful. Appropriate protective welding cloth varies in sizes and the location of your workplace. Welding clothing is meant to provide adequate coverage to minimize skin burn. Dark clothes protect the body from ultraviolet and infrared ray flash burns.

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Dark clothes reduce the reflection of light, they also provide heat resistance for welding. Other clothes that should be worn include a flame-resistant apron that is made from leather which can be able to protect the body from sparks and flash of light. Burns are the most common injury for all welders due to the spark of light that affects the skin, welding arcs cause severe skin burns when exposed to spark of light so dark clothes are advisable to conquer skin burn.

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