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Best Gloves for MIG & Stick Welding

MIG and stick welding produce a lot of hazardous sparks, spatter, and debris. Sparks can shoot several feet from the arc and cause trouble. Without precautions set in place, you’re creating a recipe for accidents and injuries. One of the most vulnerable parts of the body is the hands, whose proximity to the source of heat, radiation, and sparks makes it susceptible to burns. Hence, wearing welding gloves when doing MIG or stick welding is a basic safety measure. 

If you think you can wear thin gloves for stick welding, then be prepared to suffer from occasional burns down the road. If you have a pair of gloves for TIG, keep using them for TIG, but don’t expect them to ride out your MIG or stick welding sessions just fine. 

Since it makes sense to own dedicated gloves for more hazardous types of metal fabrication, the next thing to do is shop around for the most reliable, most trusted products on the market. Of course, we did the little homework for you. 

Revco GM1611 Black Stallion MIG Welding Gloves 

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Black Stallion Welding Gloves

Made of thick but flexible cowhide, the Revco GM1611 gloves are your tough companions for more hazardous types of welding. These 12-inch long gloves have a palm and back side that are made of cowhide. The cuffs are made of leather. The cotton liner makes them feel comfortable even for long hours of welding operations. The reinforcing leather patches (e.g. the dragpatch and restpatch) provide more protection.

These Revco gloves aren’t the most expensive on the market, but they are built with durability in mind. Thanks to the Kevlar stitching. The seams are not easy to tear, so you can count on these guys in intensive operations. 

Caiman 21-Inch Deerskin Welding Gloves

Caiman American Deerskin Welding Gloves

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  • Genuine American Deerskin
  • Boarhide leather heat shield patch
  • Kevlar thread
  • One size fits all
  • Heavy duty padding

If the 12-inch gloves are too short for you, consider these Caiman gloves. A lot of welders swear by these gloves, saying these are the best they have had. The design is the most remarkable thing about the Caiman glove. The deerskin external lining provides insulation from heat without feeling too stiff. You can freely move your fingers about with this material. 

The glove also has thick patches made of pig hide on the cuffs, wrists, and palms. These extra patches serve to provide an added layer of protection, as well as enhance the durability of the product. Moreover, because it’s a 21-inch glove, it provides coverage up to the elbows. The Kevlar stitching makes these gloves difficult to tear at the seams. 

For many welders, comfort is just as important as function and durability. You’ll find the heat-resistant cotton on the interior of the gloves completely comfortable. But because these are long gloves, you may feel a little too warm in them after a while. 

Lincoln Electric K2979 Traditional Gloves 

Lincoln Electric Traditional Welding Gloves

The tough environment of professional welding demands something like these Lincoln Electric traditional gloves. They are made of split cowhide and lined with cotton. They’re fully stitched with Kevlar and are reinforced with leather on the seams for superior durability and impact resistance. The thumb patch also enhances protection. 

One thing that users love about the Lincoln Electric K2979 is how easy it is to wear them, although others have pointed out that these gloves feel stiff at first but get better once your hands are in them. The cotton liners are designed to provide not just comfort but also moisture-absorption. The leather is supple enough to allow your fingers, especially your thumbs, to move freely. 

Despite the rugged build, these gloves weigh only about 14.5 ounces. They’re lightweight and robust

Hobart Premium Form Fitting Welding Gloves

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Hobart Premium Form Fitting Welding Gloves

The Hobart 770440 welding gloves have a sophisticated design. They are made of natural grain leather with reinforced back, knuckles, and palms. What many users like about these gloves is the balance between insulation and dexterity.

These gloves are built to provide excellent protection, but they also allow your hand and fingers to move as freely as possible. You need that dexterity when you’re doing MIG welding. Also, if you run your fingers on the material, you’ll know it’s made of high quality leather. 

The only downside is the size, which is a bit smaller. That means if you use medium-sized gloves, you probably need to pick the large ones. 

Miller Electric MIG Welding Gloves

Miller Electric MIG Welding Gloves

The Miller 271888 MIG Welding Gloves don’t look fancy. There are no special colors, just black and white. No stylish designs or prints. This is your classic example of function over form. They’re possibly not for anyone who prefers flashy gear, but for someone who just wants something that works perfectly well. Needless to say, this pair of gloves is for professionals. 

The interior of these gloves are lined with fleece over foam. Hence, they feel comfortable. Of course, they remain thick and robust, so you won’t suffer from burns and bruises. Like all the durable welding gloves out there, this product has Kevlar stitching securing the seams. 

The “keystone” design for the fingers ensure good fit and mobility. The thumb and fingers of the glove are shaped to match the natural curve of your hand. The leather cuffs and the extra padding indicate the gloves are well built. Of course, such strong build and quality make the product more expensive than most MIG and stick welding gloves. 


For the enormous range of welding gloves available on the market today, we have featured several for your review.

When choosing welding gloves, consider the following factors;

  • How protective are they?
  • How much mobility do they provide?
  • How comfortable are they?
  • Are there any extra safety features or other features that are offered with these gloves?
  • Do the gloves actually fit you?

We consider welder safety to be the most important part of welding. Please read our essential article on the 5 ways to ensure safety as a welder here.

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