How To Weld With A Stick Welder

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Stick welding is the process of using various arc welding processes and power sources to join a variety of different metals together. Stick welding is also known as Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) or covered electrode. The main categories of welding are ARC, MIG, TIG AND GAS welding.

Stick welding using a stick welder is the most common arc of welding even up to date. Stick welders are really good on normal steel, they work perfectly on thick metals compare to thin metals. All you need to do in this aspect using a stick welder is that do not rush to weld so as to a good result at the end of the day by using a low hydrogen small diameter electrode. The finishing of the weld will be good as well expect it takes time. Using a stick welder is really good for the fabrication of fixing farm equipment, pipes, thick metals and so on.

Another factor to consider while welding using a stick welder is using the correct electrode and joint position. The joint position determines how well your finished will be. You have to make sure you don’t create unnecessary large welds that is, you are not over-welding because it can lead to it burning.

In addition, always clean up each joint before welding and also choose the right electrode when you want weld using a stick welder.


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