Best Plasma Cutter Cart for Welders

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best plasma cutter cart for welders

Moving around your workshop can be cumbersome. When you have different workpieces on separate work tables, you will have to move your equipment from one spot to another. Not all plasma cutters are compact with all the necessary parts. Some don’t have a built-in compressor. Some types of plasma cutting require gas cylinders, and carrying these things around and setting them up every time can be troublesome. These are why plasma cutter carts are handy.

Many professionals find a welding cart convenient. It makes their work easier. However, even an occasional fabricator or hobbyist will find a cart extremely helpful in situations wherein heavy machines are to be transported. 

There are many plasma cutter and welding carts on the market. As with any type of tool, welding carts vary in price. The average person would probably pick the expensive units, thinking they have the best build quality. However, the cheap models can surprise you. Two of the amazing plasma cutter carts we’ve found are the Yaheetech 3-Tier Welding Cart and the Klutch 2-Tier Cart. 

Yaheetech 3-Tier Cart

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Yaheetech 3-Tier Welding Cart

Yaheetech offers one of the cheapest welding carts, it’s probably one of the cheapest out there. But just because it’s the cheapest, it doesn’t mean it has the worst build quality and durability among plasma cutter and welder carts. In fact, this cart is surprisingly well-built and sturdy. This heavy-duty cart is good for any kind of welder and plasma cutter. 

Right off the bat, you get 3 storage levels. You get more space than the average cart. You can put some tools under the plasma cutter. It’s easier to organize your stuff. 

The build quality of this cart is its chief selling point. This is a full-metal cart, and you can just feel its durability. Its solid construction becomes important in harsh and demanding environments. Other welding carts that are as solidly built as this one cost twice this one.

Of course, what good is a plasma cutter cart if it’s nothing more than a wobbling troublemaker in the workshop? The Yaheetech fortunately doesn’t do that. In fact, it’s easy to move. The rear wheels turn smoothly. The front swivel castors move in all directions. You shouldn’t have any trouble running around with this thing. 

Can this cart withstand heavy machines? Well, this cart has a maximum load capacity of 176 pounds. You’re probably not going to use this to move around a 500-pound generator. Most plasma cutters weigh less than 30 pounds. At the price point of the Yaheetech cart, it’s hard to find another whose maximum load capacity is over 100 pounds. 

This cart is equipped with large chains that keep your shielding gas cylinder in place. The large handle makes maneuvering the cart convenient. 

This cart looks so simple, and again it’s one of the cheapest out there, but it easily passes as the best heavy-duty welding and plasma cutter cart. 

Klutch 2-Tier Welding Cart

Klutch 2-Tier Welding Cart

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The Klutch 2-Tier cart looks weird, but don’t let its appearance dissuade you. Klutch chose a safe-like cabinet over a third shelf, and that’s definitely not a mistake. The locking cabinet can serve as storage of important items, anything from small tools to your phone — or your welding helmet. 

Because the wheels are made of hard rubber, they don’t make rattling noises when you’re moving the cart. The rear wheels are 6 inches in diameter, big enough to carry the cart with a plasma cutter around. The front caster wheels are quite small, about 2 inches in diameter. Bigger front wheels would have allowed for better maneuverability so that cables and hoses lying around don’t become much of a nuisance. However, you shouldn’t have major issues moving this cart around even with a welder or plasma cutter and a gas cylinder.  

Speaking of cables, this Klutch welding cart has 4 sets of cable wraps to keep cables and cords off the floor.

This 46-pound 2-tier cart has a maximum load capacity of 100 pounds. It’s not built for heavy machines like the cheaper Yaheetech is, but it still offers a good value for money.


You don’t have to buy the most expensive welding carts for your plasma cutters. The Yaheetech and Klutch welding carts prove that there’s good build quality even with the cheap options. You don’t have to shell out hundreds of dollars just to make your work easier. 

Why You Need A Plasma Cutter Cart

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