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It’s been a while since mankind has invented the cart and enjoyed the benefits of moving heavy loads around on wheels. The number of strained backs saved over the years must reach into the millions.

The same benefits can be enjoyed from owning a plasma cutter cart (also known as a welding cart or trolley).

Plasma Cutter Cart Advantages

For any welder or handyman in any type of workshop, being able to wheel the plasma cutter cart out from it’s corner without the tedious setup time saves frustration, effort and time. Simply wheel the welder or plasma cart from one end of the workshop to another and be up and running in minutes.

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A plasma cutter cart has numerous advantages for any welder or cutter that makes use of a plasma cutter. They are heavy pieces of equipment, not something that you would enjoy lifting and carrying around all over the place.

Another advantage of using a welding cart is that most people setup plasma cutters on the cart ready to go, i.e. ready to plug-in and use. This is such a time saver as opposed to pulling the equipment out of cupboards and setting it up each time you want to use it. Particularly beneficial when you have heavy use of the equipment.

Plasma Cutter Safety

Using a plasma cutter cart is also great for safety reasons; with the help of a plasma cutter cart there shouldn’t be any accidents with the plasma cutter falling, being knocked over, etc., and people getting hurt. Some carts even have safety chains for holding the plasma cutter cart firm anytime you move it.

The advantages of a plasma cutter cart (welding carts) are really very hard to go past. Firstly, they will relieve you from carrying heavy equipment around the workshop or shed, reducing the obvious problems that come with heavy lifting – especially if you have pre-existing conditions. In essence, it is of benefit to one’s health.

Make Life Easy

Another reason you need a plasma cutter cart is that it makes work easy in the sense that if you want to transport your welding machine, plasma cutter, and other tools to any site for work. It is so easy with a plasma cutter cart.

In addition, a plasma cutter cart is good for storing and keeping things organised. What we mean is that some heavy duty plasma cutter carts have drawers for storing and keeping small tools and accessories in them. Super handy in order not to have to start looking for them when you’re on a job site, or even in your own workshop. With this type of plasma cutter cart, work will be so easy for any welder and you will be able to access any tools at your convenience.

If you happen to be looking at purchasing a welding cart then be sure to verify that the dimensions of the cart are suitable for your cutter – there’s nothing worse than purchasing something that doesn’t fit. Also pay attention to the weight capacity and the weight of your cutter – again it would be not much fun having a cart collapse under the weight of your cutter, especially if it causes damage to the equipment. A top shelf, heavy duty cart shouldn’t have any capacity issues, but it always serves to double check before purchasing.


Regardless if you are a professional or a home handyman, a welder cart gives the added advantage of easy positioning and maneuverability. On the majority of jobs, the way you position yourself and your equipment is an important factor in obtaining the best results. A trolley will allow you to achieve this with ease.

And finally, besides the safety factor, at the end of the day when the job is all done and complete and it is time to pack it all up, having your equipment on a cart makes short work of putting everything away or back on the track when you’re done. This single advantage can be worth the cost of the cart four times over when you’re exhausted (1).

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