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Who makes amico welders

Are you wondering what company makes Amico Welders? Or this is the first time you’ve heard about Amico welders, and you’re just curious about this brand? Well, the brand makes good machines at a lower cost. 

Despite being in the industry for more than 20 years, Amico hasn’t made a lot of options, at least not as many options for their customer base as other brands have. Nonetheless, despite the limited choices, some stand out from the crowd.

Brief History of Amico Power

Amico Power is the name of the company that has been making welders, cutting machines, portable generators, engines, and water pumps since 1995. That’s more than 20 years devoted to product development (1). 

Over the course of decades, the company has come up with models with great features that rival their counterparts from more expensive brands. Despite the fewer number of welding machines that Amico makes, the company can still confuse you with the options it offers.

Amico does business with integrity, and it manifests its integrity by making machines of good quality. It’s one of those brands that provide a remarkable quality-to-price ratio. That is in line with the company’s mission to provide the best products to customers at the most affordable prices. Not only does the company manufacture reliable welders, but also does it provide honest service.

As mentioned earlier, Amico Power makes a number of machines. However, it specialises in welding and cutting machines. With its commitment to quality and reliability, it has become a trustworthy name among professionals in the welding industry. Amico Power keeps expanding its selection to meet the demands of its growing customer base. So if you didn’t find a model that met your needs in the past, you probably should check out Amico welders now. With each generation of machines comes more innovations and features.

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Amico 160 Amp Stick Welder

Quality Machines at an Affordable Price

It’s worth reiterating that this company is dedicated to making products that work. The welders are not just remarkably functional. They are also durable. That’s why they get good reviews.

A good example is the Amico TIG-160DC, which is a TIG and stick welding machine. It’s so light at nearly 15 pounds that you might dismiss it as a flimsy, feeble toy. But it’s a powerful welder in a small package. Hobbyists you use it to fix stuff in the house, and it creates neat beads. You can weld 1/4-inch plates with it. It’s great for beginners and professionals alike with its dual voltage capability and spatter-free welds. 

Is it a heavy duty machine? Of course, it’s not. It never claims to be. However, professional welders do use it for light welding and repair work. The Amico TIG-160DC doesn’t disappoint even Lincoln and Miller users.

The company is also known for economical machines. The TIG-160DC is only $250. That really says a lot about the quality of products not being necessarily dependent on the price. In other words, just because a welder is cheap, it doesn’t mean it’s atrociously bad in terms of performance and quality.

Another Amico welder worth checking out is the Amico Power MTS-205. MTS stands for MIG, TIG, and stick — which means it’s a multi-process welder. Amazon ranks this as a highly recommended machine for good reasons. This is a 205-amp welder that can weld aluminium, mild steel, stainless steel, copper, and cast iron.

When it comes to safety features, the MTS-205 doesn’t lag behind with its built-in internal fan to keep the machine cool. It’s a pretty reliable powerhouse with 60% duty cycle at 170 amps, which is impressive. The only downsides are its weight and its bulky TIG torch. At 50 pounds, it’s not exactly the lightest, most portable tool.

On the more technical aspects, this MTS welder really outshines some of the even more expensive brands. You can easily adjust the settings based on the thickness or the type of wire you’re using. More importantly, just like a typical Amico welder, this one produces clean arcs with very little spatter. It’s also a dual voltage machine, which you can plug into any power supply.

Reliable Customer Service

Providing good customer service, Amico Power values its customers by striving to meet the needs of its buyers. Its sales support team is committed to ensuring customer satisfaction by rendering meaningful and professional service.


Amico welders produce less spatter, which means less cleanup afterwards. That’s because these welders generate stable arcs, making them reliable not only for hobbyists and occasional DIYers but also for professionals. However, something has to be mentioned about the quality of the components too.

At this point, it makes no sense to remain skeptical about this brand, especially considering its reputation, whether you’ve known about it or not. This reputation stems from the fact that Amico Power creates quality machines. Made of high-grade materials, these machines have been tested in the United States to ensure their quality.

Whether you’re buying an Amico welder or a portable generator or a water pump, you’re hardly ever making a bad decision. You can trust that you’re buying a durable product that works well. 

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