Why Do Welders Starch Their Shirts?

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Starch prevents the accumulation of dirt on fabrics. When dirt is been accumulated on starched cloth, it can be easily washed off. The Starching of cloth depends on the material of the cloth so when choosing your shirt the best shirt to wear for welding is cotton or denim, they are easy to starch. 

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Starching denim prevents stains and there won’t be any trace of wrinkle left on your shirt. Get your cloth and wash it with the detergent that does not have hydrogen peroxide and starch it. Cotton fabric is very easy to starch, you have to add little water to your starch before applying it on your cotton fabric.

Starch gives a fresh fragrance to your cloth if you are allergic to strong smell the nice fragrance on your starched cloth will make you feel comfortable at your workplace. Starching your cloth will also add to the protection flame resistant clothing is adding to you because starched cloth does not accumulate dirt.

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Heavy starch is suitable for welders to prevent sparks and flashes of lightning that might affect the skin. Ensure the starch is not too heavy so that you can work freely.  Underwater Welders starch their clothes for aesthetic purpose, when we starch our clothes it makes the cloth looks crispy and free from wrinkles, it makes ironing easier and also protects the cloth from heavy stains.

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